The Parlay System

The Parlay roulette system is a positive progressive betting system. This means that after each win the betting amount to be placed in the subsequent spin must be increased. However, as soon as your first loss is incurred, you must revert back to your original starting bet. The Parlay resembles the Paroli system as it is based on a positive betting progression.

The difference is that in the Paroli roulette system you choose the length of the winning streak you must have, while in the Parlay roulette system you choose the winning goal. This makes betting in the Parlay system much more flexible, because you can place bets on a wide array of betting types, including betting on streets, columns, and so on.

The distinct advantage of the Parlay roulette system is that you don’t risk your entire bankroll within a few spins, for example like in the Martingale roulette system, where 10 to 12 losing bets can wipe out the entire bankroll. Yet the Parlay system also comes with a disadvantage. You will go positive with your winnings only until the point when you reach the desired winning goal. Each time you fail in reaching your winning goal, you’ll lose the initial bet of the sequence. This can unfortunately happen quite often.

Despite its flexibility, the Parlay roulette system is rather simple to follow, because it’s easy to calculate the next betting amount without the need of a pocket calculator. Your next bet is synonymous with your total win, no matter what kind of betting type you are going to choose.

How is the Parlay Roulette System Used in Practice?

There are two things you’ll need to decide before you can start playing: initial bet and the winning goal. After you’ve done that, you can commence and bet on any betting type you want.

Let’s use a practical example: You have decided on a $240 winning goal and assume that the original starting bet is $10, which you place on Red to kick things off.

If the ball lands on Black, you lose. There will be thus no change in your next bet, and it’s going to be $10 again, and you place it once again on Red. Now let’s say you win, because the roulette ball does indeed land on Red. In accordance with the Parlay system, you now have to use the total winning amount (which in this example is $20 as the Red win you just achieved paid us your initial bet of $10 plus another $10 in winnings) as the betting amount in the next spin. Hence, you place $20 on Red. Once more the ball lands on Red and you win again, paying out $40 ($20 + $20).

Now let’s say you’re going to bet your total win of $40 on 1 Dozen now. The ball lands on number 7, so that is a win again. While you have won $120 so far, you still haven’t reached your predetermined winning goal of $240. Thus you bet those $120, this time on Even. The ball does indeed land on Even, and you now have reached your winning goal of $240 ($120 + $120). That concludes your sequence. You can now start over again with a $10 bet.

Note: Don’t forget that every time you lose, you must revert back to your original starting bet!

Tips for Using the Parlay System

Each time you lose, you must revert back to your original starting bet. Each time you reach your predetermined winning goal, the current sequence ends and you must start a new sequence with an initial starting bet.

You don’t have to stick to one betting type during the entire sequence, but can bet the currently required betting amount on various betting types, like Columns, Dozens, Streets, Red or Black bets, Even or Odd bets, ‘1 to 18’ or ‘19 to 36’ bets. The choice is yours.

Can the Parlay Roulette System Really Win?

Compared to the Martingale system – where the winnings remain stable until you lose the whole bankroll – the Parlay system is more unstable. However, you don’t risk losing the whole bankroll with it. But you do need to achieve a row of subsequent wins in order to reach your winning goal. In real-life playing this kind of theoretical situation is of course hard to achieve. So in conclusion the real result you are going to get from using this system will always stay close to zero profit even after a few hours of uninterrupted playing.

Setting a maximum win limit is crucial as it serves to indicate at which stage of the game players need to collect their profits. Without one such limit, players are risking to let their winnings ride for too long and potentially lose everything without turning any profit whatsoever.