Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is an interactive live game show that is fun to play and watch as it boasts some unique features.

Playtech used its famous online slot Adventures Beyond Wonderland as an inspiration and transformed it into a highly engaging live casino game show of the same name.

The game uses a modified live Spin A Win wheel to drive the game. The objective for casino players is to bet on segments of the wheel. When the wheel stops on a segment player has bet on – player will either win a cash prize, or an entry into one of the four bonus rounds, where multipliers can be won against your initial bet.

The game is presented by a live game show host as well as animated characters the White Rabbit and the Caterpillar. With its bizarre yet wonderful presentation, this live game show gives members the chance to win up to €500,000 on a single game round.

The most remarkable thing about this live game show is the wheel. It contains 54 segments containing numbers and multiple bonus rounds. There are 22 segments with number 1, 15 segments with number 2, five segments with number 5, and only four with number 10. Each number multiplies your bet amount.  The bonus rounds are Magic Dice Mini Game 2 Segments, 2 WonderSpins 3 segments, and 5 WonderSpins 1 segment. The last bonus game is a Mystery Bonus Spins 2 segments that brings a pleasant surprise to all the players and doesn’t require a bet to get a chance of winning. 

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Adventures Beyond Wonderland RTP

Now you know how to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland, what is the RTP?
The overall RTP for Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live is 96.58% – 96.82%. However, the RTP varies depending on your bet selection as shown in the table below.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Potential Win Odds
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Win Chance

Adventures Beyond Wonderland – Bonus Rounds

Adventures Beyond Wonderland game show is all about bonus games. They are interactive and engaging, and you can end up winning big. Moreover, it is here where you get to see the beloved White Rabbit, the Card Soldiers, and the Caterpillar in full action.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Host
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Caterpillar

Adventures Beyond Wonderland – Magic Dice Bonus Round

The Magic Dice bonus round does not feature a wheel. Instead, it uses a grid featuring four rows and six columns. Each field has an arrow, an individual multiplier, or a multiplier that applies to the whole board.

The goal is to reach the top and grab a 100x multiplier. 

Players are asked to choose between a red and a white dice. The two dice are are rolled in an automatic shaker and whichever number your dice lands on, you are assigned that column on the grid.

If the tile on the grid which you land on contains a multiplier, your stake will be multiplied by that amount.

If the tile contains an arrow, you will move up to the next row.

If the tile contains a purple x2, you will receive 2x your stake and also advance to the next row.

The dice are again rolled until all players have either finished on a multiplier amount or have reached the top of the grid which contains a 100x multiplier.

Climbing higher the player receives bigger prize.

Adventures-beyond-wonderland-magic dice

The max payout for this game without any multipliers on the game itself is 200x.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland – WonderSpins Bonus Round


When the WonderSpins bonus round is triggered, play is transferred to a new wheel.  This Wonder wheel contains segments with famous Alice in Wonderland characters, each with a specific multiplier. You will see Queen of Hearts, Dodo, Door Mouse, Cheshire Cat, Rabit, and Mad Hatter. The most valuable is the Rabit, with a 50x multiplier, but it occupies just one field.    The Wonder bonus wheel contains an inner and an outer wheel. The outer, larger wheel contains 54 segments, each matching to an Alice in wonderland character, and each having an initial multiplier assigned to them:

  • 1 segment – Rabbit – Pays 50x
  • 4 segments – Cheshire Cat – Pays 14x
  • 5 segments – Queen of Hearts – Pays 8x
  • 9 segments – Dodo – Pays 5x
  • 11 segments – Door Mouse – Pays 4x
  • 7 segments – Mad Hatter – Pays 2x
  • 2 segments – Eat Me + 30%
  • 3 segments – Drink Me -30%
  • 3 segments – No Win

The White Rabbit enters the stage (as an animated character) using another smaller wheel to pick one of the characters to additionally boost the original multiplier.

The inner wheel contains multipliers or extra spins to be added to the game round. This wheel is spun while the main wheel rotates, the white rabbit appears and chooses the segment that will receive the additional multiplier.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland – Mystery Bonus

The Mystery Bonus can land on any spin but players cannot bet on these two segments. This bonus round applies to everyone that has placed a valid bet on the betting grid.

There are two prizes available with the Mystery Bonus.

Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier

The animated caterpillar will reveal a multiplier and the wheel is spun again. All segments will be multiplied by this amount.

Card Soldiers Mystery Multiplier

Players are asked to choose one of four cards, either Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs or Spades. A random multiplier is then revealed for each of the cards which is applied to the players total stake on the betting round.

Mystery-Bonus-Card Soldiers

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