Boom City Live

Boom City Live

Pragmatic Boom City Live is a new thrilling game show with revolutionary mechanics where players can bet and predict the outcome of two dice (blue and gold dice). This game is played out on a 6×6 board, containing 36 fields, with each field representing a different outcome. The blue die dictates the horizontal outcome, and the gold die dictates the vertical.

Boom City Live has several different game scenarios, including three decision-based bonus games (Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom or Bust). The Power Up feature that can boost wins up to 20,000x with the chance to win a max prize of €500,000.

Boom City Live Key Features

  • New gambling mechanic.
  • Great variety of scenarios – Main Game + 3 Bonus Games + PowerUP feature.
  • Game show format.
  • 4K cameras.
  • Low-streaming latency.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Detailed bet history for the player.
  • Engaging Live game host interaction.
  • Chat with a game host, other players and Live Support.

Boom City Live is a unique, colorful, fun and highly playable game that can deliver massive multipliers if the dice land nicely.

Boom City Live Overview

Boom City Live uses two dice and a sizable six-by-six grid. The grid randomly draws multipliers, a bust icon, or bonus symbols. The multipliers grant a corresponding cash prize: 1x, 2x, or 5x. Meanwhile, the bust icon results in a lost round. Drawing any of the bonus symbols activates their extra feature.

The size of the grid is no accident, either. Each position on the playing field corresponds to one of six die sides. The two dice roll with each round to determine what symbol gets drawn. The golden die picks the vertical column, and the blue die picks the horizontal column. The RTP for Boom City Live is 96.43%.

Boom City Live Game Phases

Phase one is the main game where you place bets on the square you think will be chosen after rolling two dice.

The possible outcomes are:

  • If the result is a Bust Square (X), you lose, and the game round ends.
  • If the result is a Power-Up, this feature enables higher winnings for players, where squares are randomly multiplied. In addition, the dice game also contains features that increase the multipliers on offer or aid the players in the progression of additional levels. After increasing rewards, it grants a free dice roll, giving you a chance at winning the boosted prizes.
  • If the result is a colored square and you have an active bet on that color-you will win.
  • If the square is a Bonus round, one of the three bonus rounds begins (Dice Battle, Lucky Drop and Boom or Bust).

Phase two is the bonus game rounds where the real money are. Bonus rounds are describer later.

Boom City Live Game Features, Payouts and How to Play

Boom City Live starts with 10 seconds of betting time. Player can choose from:

  • BRONZE – 1X
  • SILVER – 2X
  • GOLD – 5X

Player can place single or multiple bets. There is Bet All option that places bets on all options for the chip value you’ve selected.

The game also has three bonus rounds. During the Boom or Bust special round, you can win up to 1,000x, while the Dice Battle can pay up to 500x the stake. The third and final booster round can produce wins of up to 500x. Finally, the game has 96.43% RTP and high variance, so be careful when placing bets.

At the bottom of each column, there is a multiplier value.

The multiplier is used for a Power up and is equal the amount distributed in squares of the column.

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When the time is over the host activates DICE SHAKER.

The Gold dice result determines the number of the selected column. The blue dice is responsible for selecting the row. Where Column and Row intersects is the winning square.

Boom City Live Payouts

Boom City Live Payouts

Boom City Live Bonus Rounds

The main part of the game is not the base round, but rather the three bonus rounds. The goal of the game is to predict the values of two dice in a roll – and if you land on a position that belongs to Luck Drop, Dice Battle, or Boom or Bust, you unlock that round.

Dice Battle Bonus Round

In this round, you have to pick between the Golden and the Blue dice. The host will then roll them three times.

After each roll, the dice results become multipliers logged on the battle board. All values of a single die are combined to create a total. The higher number wins – and the total transforms into a multiplier of the original bet.

The sum of the defeated side is added to the total. The game also includes a special reward of 500x if a side manages to roll 6 thrice.

If you backed the winning side, the payout is a multiple of your bet on the bonus round. If you backed the losing side, you’d receive a multiplier equal to the total of the three rolled dice combined.

Luck Drop Bonus Round

Lucky Drop Bonus Round

Lucky Drop features a six-column playing field, with each column corresponding to a die side.

At the top of each column are four multipliers stacked on top of each other. The lowest is set at around 10x, while the highest is 200x.

Each column has an initial 5x multiplier – so this is the least you’ll win playing this game.

Players pick a column and hope that a roll of the two dice will match the result displayed on the chosen column. If it does, the multiplier increases. If not, the game continues until it does – and the dice can roll up to 6 times.

Boom or Bust Bonus Round

This bonus game is played on a separate 6×6 board with Multipliers, Safe Values, and Hyper Jump.

The goal is to climb levels (go up), where Multipliers increase in size.

Each row contains a mix of multipliers and bust squares. The more rows you climb, the more bust squares in each row.

The rows can also contain a level-up square which moves you up rows and a Hyper Square that will jump you to level 6.

On each level (round) you are asked to choose between Cash Out and Keep Rolling. If you land on Hyper Jump, you automatically go up 6 levels and land on a Multiplier. If you land on a Safe Value, you protect your winnings from busting. Landing on a red X means you go Bust.

The game starts with a first roll of the dice to establish the Safe Multiplier, which pays out even when you bust out. Each of the columns in the first row contains a multiplier. The result on the dice determines the square for the safe multiplier. This safe multiplier now applies to all players.

Boom City Live – PowerUp Booster

In the main game, you also have the PowerUp booster. This booster transforms all Bust symbols into 1x Multipliers. Other icons transform into random multipliers, and you get another free dice roll. Five sequential PowerUps increase the final multiplier.

There is also a multiplier figure displayed at the bottom of each column. This figure is used during the distribution phase for the multipliers during the Power-up round.

A Power-up will boost 24 squares with multipliers from 2x and 5x. The total amount distributed comes from the total displayed at the bottom of each column.

Bust squares will be converted into Bronze squares and given a value between 20x and 50x. All grid squares, including Bonus squares, can receive the multipliers.

Existing bets remain, and the dice get rolled again.

Consecutive power-ups can occur, in which case they apply to a new set of random 24 squares.

After a fifth consecutive power-up, power-up squares convert to Gold Squares with a value of 50x.

Money will be made on Boom City when a Bonus round has an active power-up multiplier.

Final Thoughts on Boom City Live

Boom City Live is a creative blend of physical randomness and digital RNG working together. It is also a triumphant addition to Pragmatic Play’s game library, positioning it as a serious contender for live dealer king! If you like live casino game shows, you owe it to yourself to try this one.

It’s not every day that Pragmatic Play launches a new live game show, so we consider this July to be special. The last game we’ve seen from this provider is Sweet Bonanza CandyLand. And now – Boom City! The Boom City live is a live game show that uses dice to entertain the players. We’ve seen dice games before, but this certainly looks more appealing than ever.

If you want to play Boom City live for real money, you will have to wait until July 2022 to get your hands on the dice. Pragmatic Play does not offer live games for free, so you cannot play Boom City live for free.

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