Aviator Casino Game

All you need to know about Aviator Casino Game

Aviator Casino Game is a popular game belonging to the crash category. The game itself is actually a combination of slot and a video game. It was launched in January 2019 by Spribe – UK based studio developing iGaming products and casino games. For a short period of time, Aviator turned into one of the top games from Spribe’s portfolio and became really popular among casino game fans.

One of the reason for getting so popular today is the simple rules. You don’t need casino experience or special skills required to play Aviator Casino Game. All you really need to feel the game is wait a few rounds of playing. Another is the high RTP – 97%, which is really great. It is a luck based game, so it makes it appropriate for not beginners too.

Aviator Casino Game is also compatible with all mobile devices. No need to download any app, just use the browser and the fun is one click far.

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How to play Aviator Casino Game

You don’t have to be an expert casino player to understand the rules of Aviator. It is easier to play this game than to learn the basics of Blackjack, Poker or Craps. Just try a few rounds and you will see how thrilling this game is.

First thing you see by choosing Aviator is a big graphic display based on a Random Number Generator. Every player has 10 seconds to make a bet. You can bet from 0,10€ to 100€, with two maximum simultaneous bets per round. Each bet is independent. It is up to you to withdraw one of them early, or take risks with the second one or both.

A plane is flying through the screen until it flies away of it. The game generates a random increasing coefficient from 1X to 1000 000 000X. The longer the plane flies, the bigger the multiplier gets. While the plane is still flying, you can cash out whenever and win the amount of your bet multiplied by the displayed coefficient. You can imagine how great potential Aviator Casino Game has. The goal of each player is to catch the right time to cash out the winnings, before the plane is flown away from screen. Remember that there are occasions when a plane crashes immediately after the start of the round, leaving everyone with an empty balance. If the plane flies away and the player don’t take the earnings, the bet is lost.

Let’s see how to play a round step by step:

  • Place the bet of your choice before the round starts. You have around 30 seconds to place your bets. You can also place two bets for the same round.
  • As the lucky plane flies up, the multiplier will be increasing.
  • Press the cash out button before the plane crashes.
  • Your win will be multiplied by the plane’s coefficient depending on where you stopped.
  • If the plane crashes or flies away before you cash out, your bet is lost. The tricky part of this slot is that you can miss out on high rewards if you cash out too early.

One Game Every 8 to 30 Seconds

Gameplay is swift in Aviator, with the duration of each round being between 8 and 30 seconds in general. It depends upon how high the plane ends up going in around as to how quickly it is over. The timeframe within which you get to place your bets for the upcoming round lasts for about 5 seconds, so be sure to get those wagers in before that time runs out.

What makes Aviator Casino Game so special?

Great potential and social aspect of the game are just one of the reasons. All players can communicate while playing through a LIVE CHAT. They can discuss bets, coefficients, winnings and also have a pack of fun emoji GIFs.

LIVE BETS BAR shows how the bets of other players have been placed. Quick lobby check will show how much other players have wagered, their coefficients and winnings. This feature can be used as an advantage in making a strategy to play Aviator Casino Game successfully.

The same left button showing the live bets, have also a filter for LIVE STATISTICS, where each player can select and regularly check all bets, your bets or top bets. This is another useful tip showing your initial wager, by date, coefficient and amount. Also the official statistic is available there about daily, monthly, annual winnings and coefficients.

Another nice thing about casino fans is that Aviator is available for free too. If you are not quite sure whether to place a bet or not, try the free version first and you will have no more doubts. You can feel the game without losing a cent and have the same fun while knowing the basics in practice.

One of the most distinctive features of Aviator Casino Game is the RAIN PROMO. Chatting with other players gives the chance also by clicking the CLAIM button to get free bets from them. Another player can share the joy of playing by make a “rain” in chat with an amount and number of drops.

The tournaments are the other great way to add prizes and extra cash. Aviator Casino Game has its own tournaments that every player could take a part in. Every winning is a way to get bonus points, extra rewards, prizes including extra cash, free bets and special perks.


There are no symbols as you play the Aviator game. Since there are no reels or paylines, and you don’t have to land symbols on any paylines, you don’t have to worry about them. The only thing you see on the screen is an airplane rising on screen. Until it flies away off-screen, that is!


Aviator offers three special betting features: separate betsauto bet and auto cashout

  • Separate bets – the feature allows you to place more than one bet. For example, two bets of €50 instead of one of €100.
  • Auto Bet which lets you select your preferred bet size, number of rounds and also set win or loss limits
  • Auto Cashout – define a multiplier/coefficient that you want and when it gets hit, you get an automatic cashout on your winnings

Make sure to use both bets for a better result!


It cannot be said that there is a strategy that will 100% guarantee you a win on every single round played by Aviator. That’s because it is based on a Random Number Generator. In poker and blackjack there are strategies to help you lower the casino advantage. This game has none, because it is 100% random. The plane can very well crash at 1.01x three times in a row, or fly to 50x, then 40x, then 140x. Nothing is predictable, and this is what makes this game so great.



Aviator game online has many distinctive features, which make it stand out. Here are some of the most exciting ones:
Aviarace Tournaments are a series of events that can be played along with normal betting. With each win, players earn bonus points and at the end of the race, the top players get extra rewards. Such extra prizes include cash, free bets, and special perks.
In-game chat – Make friends while betting through Aviator’s in-game chat! The chat log shows the player that wins the most cash each round, placed bets, coefficients, and winnings.
Rain promo – Chatting with other players gives the chance also by clicking the CLAIM button to get free bets from them. Another player can share the joy of playing by make a “rain” in chat with an amount and number of drops.
Live bets – See the live bets, winnings and coefficients of other players on the left side of the screen. Use this to study the patterns and strategies of other players!
Free Bets – If you’re looking to try the Aviator casino game out or just want to have fun, you can bet for free, too. Aviator by Spribe is a game with high returns, and most gambling operators exclude it from promos. Anyway, due to its popularity, we are sure the best online casinos will start offering welcome bonuses for new players and no deposit free spins on Aviator too.
Live statistics – On the same left bar, you can filter between all bets, your bets, or top bets. 


As we mention above Aviator online casino game has a reasonably good RTP of 97%. As the game is built around the philosophy of “player control”, this means that you make the decisions and you can ultimately adjust the outcome or volatility of the game. The earlier you cash out your winnings, the lower the risk or volatility of the game.

Final words

Aviator Casino Game is a new crash game with great potential that is really funny and can generate huge incomes to its fans. It is really exiting not only with the possibility of big wins but the independent choice that is given to the players to determine their earnings.

We at gambler.ninja expert team found the game is really fair, offers a lot of features, it is beginners friendly and mobile compatible. So really no cons found during reviewing it.

Give it a try, and once felt the potential you definitely will put Aviator Casino Game in your list of favorite casino games.



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