SPACEMAN Betting Strategy

Spaceman, a brand-new crash game from Pragmatic, is now available online!

Since it is the first crash game developed by Pragmatic Play, this highly anticipated game has been a hot topic of debate among fans of crashes and mini-games for quite some time. Spaceman has a lot to offer and looks incredibly promising.

Players are greeted by a busy scene when Spaceman suddenly appears on their screens.
The game panel shows a night sky full of planets and stars, with a Spaceman standing in the center. The astronaut waits in the center of the panel while players place their wagers for about half the time before taking off during the game rounds.


Before start playing, a player must select his base wager, which ranges from €1 to €100 per round.
For every next round player can choose a new bet, repeat the previous one, double it, or set up the autoplay.
Starting at the 1.00x point, the astronaut starts traveling on an increasingly steep curve with a chance of crashing at any moment. The multiplier also does high, it starts at 1x, and builds slowly towards the
5,000x – the multiplier increases with flight duration. The astronaut eventually crashes, ending the game round.  Before Spaceman’s intergalactic journey comes to an inevitable crash, player should try to cash out. Be aware that the Spaceman may crash right away, before the 1x multiplier has advanced even a millimeter.

Auto-cashout or 50% auto-cashout options are also available from 1.01x to 4,999.99x. The cashout and cashout 50% buttons appear on the screen as soon as the new round begins. A prize is awarded if a player presses one of these buttons before the crash. By selecting the cashout option, a player takes his winnings and leaves the game; by selecting cashout 50%, a player keeps half of his winnings for the next
round. The player loses the round if the Spaceman crushes before he can cash out.

The odds of winning larger prizes increase as a player waits to press the cashout button for a longer period of time. In the event that a player chooses not to press the cashout buttons, there is also the option of auto-cashout. The choices a player makes will determine his winnings and the length of the gaming session.

Spaceman Key Features

  • Multiplayer crash game
  • Up to a 5000x multiplier and the chance to win up to 500,000€
  • Spaceman is based on real-time, decision-making gameplay without artificial
  • A “50% Cashout” feature that is exclusive to the market
  • Multilingual
  • RTP 96.5%
  • Volatility  – low
  • All Device Compatibility
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A collection of tips form the foundation of the successful spaceman strategy. This will speed up the game and prevent player from running out of money before he finally hit a significant multiplier:

  • WATCH THE GAME – Before placing a real-money wager it is recommended to take a few minutes to watch the game of the other players. This will allow player to get a feel for the game before betting real money.
  • Be Sure to Practice in Demo Mode – Demo mode play allows player to practice without being concerned about losing any of his own money. The player can use demo money to see how the game plays out, determine the best kind of strategy to employ, and test out these particular hints and tips.
  • USE THE AUTO CASHOUT FEATURE – The simplest Spaceman strategy can be implemented with just one button. It is so simple! Just set the auto cashout to the preferred value 2x, 10x, or 50x
  • USE THE CASHOUT 50% FEATURE – The Spaceman lets the player keep half of his winnings and keep playing with the rest. There is no reason to ignore this unique feature. An important point is that the Cashout 50% feature can also be triggered with the auto cashout button.
  • MANAGE YOUR BANKROLL – If a player doesn’t have enough money in his account, no Spaceman strategy will be successful. Player who employ the Martingale strategy must have enough cash on hand to cover at least a few consecutive doubling events. If using the Reverse Martingale strategy, the player need to be ready to lose several times before seeing any real success.
  • CONSIDER THE RISKS – Analyzing the risks is crucial. Depending on his preference, the player may choose to increase the multiplier and decrease the bet, or he may choose to collect winnings earlier on and increase the bet.
  • BE SATISFIED WITH SMALL GAINS – Players who regularly withdraw their winnings tend to perform better than those who spend all of their money in search of higher multipliers. When they have already made a sizable profit, seasoned Spaceman players typically go after larger multipliers.
  • DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO PREVIOUS RESULTS – Note that you shouldn’t base your strategy on the outcomes of previous rounds. There is an odd feature that displays statistical data at the bottom of the game screen, but it has no other use. Realize once and for all that the outcomes of the future Spaceman rounds are NOT based on the outcomes of the earlier ones. Of course, your perception may be influenced by what is happening in the game. After a big win, you might be tempted to take more risks simply out of emotion. You can avoid acting rashly by using the auto bet and auto cashout features.
  • SPACEMAN PREDICTOR – remember that the Spaceman game is based on a certified random number generator and nobody—not even the developer—can predict the outcome of a round in advance. Any software suggestions that claims to assist Spaceman players in predicting the best moment to withdraw their winnings are a scam.


There is no 100% winning Spaceman Betting Strategy, as the game is based on a Random Number Generator. In poker and blackjack there are strategies to help you. This game has none, because it is 100% random. The Spaceman could crash at 1.01x few times in a row, or fly to 50x, then 400x, then 140x. It is unpredictable and this is what makes this game so exiting.


MARTINGALE BETTING STRATEGY – According to the Martingale betting system, the player should double his wager after each round in which he lose. In relation to the Spaceman game specifically, the Martingale strategy could be used as follows:

  • You bet €2 and set the auto cashout to 2.00x
  • You lose and bet €4 with the same settings
  • You lose again and bet €8
  • You get lucky this time and win €16

The total bets value is €2 + €4 + €8 = €14. You can get your money back and make one initial bet if you follow the steps in the description.


REVERSE MARTINGALE BETTING STRATEGY – as the name suggest the Reverse Martingale strategy is the opposite of Martingale strategy or player should double his wager after each win.

Similarly to the example above, you bet €2 and set the auto cashout to 2.00x

  • You win and bet €4 on the next round – all the money you won in the previous one
  • You win again and bet €8. If you win the third time, you will get €16.

With the Reverse Martingale strategy, player can quickly turn a respectable profit from a small initial wager by taking full advantage of winning streaks.


Another tactic is to choose a volatile play style. The idea behind this strategy is to place larger bets than usual and to cash out on low multipliers. Thus, the goal is to consistently make money and withdraw your winnings from the casino as soon as you have enough.



By watching live statistics, you can determine when to wager as there’s a chance of a high multiplier. The first thing you should do is wait until a string of consecutive low multipliers between 1.00 and 1.50x appear 5–10 times. Enter the following round when that happens. Place two equal bets, with the first bet set to “Auto Cashout” at 2.00x. Use the second bet to get a multiplier that is equal to the average of the last 10-20 rounds.


Play Spaceman, the brand-new casino game from Pragmatic, and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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