Gold Bar Roulette

Live dealer casino game developer Evolution released a new variant of live roulette called Gold Bar Roulette Live. It’s the shiniest member of the exclusive Evolution 2022 collection, which includes the likes of XXXTreme Lightning Roulette and Crazy Coin Flip

The game is a continuation of roulette games with win multipliers, but this time the player has the option where to place the Gold Bar 88X win multiplier. Gold Bar Roulette combines European roulette bets, French roulette bets, and a multiplier feature.

Gold Bar Roulette is played just like any online live roulette game with an European Wheel, which means you can bet on the number 1 to 36 and has a single Zero on the wheel. This game looks really like classic roulette, but has some more opportunities. What gives it that extra edge is the addition of the Gold Bar multipliers. As the namе suggest the main focus in the game are the Gold Bars. They can only be won and used on straight-up bets, which are bets on single numbers. Each Gold Bar is worth 88X and greatly increases the potential reward. The Gold Bars could also be saved in your account and can be used in future games up to 180 days later.

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Gold Bar Roulette Studio

The name of the game is also felt in the decoration of its studio. The studio where the game takes place is set in front of a bank vault full of gold bars. Gold bars can be found everywhere. On the side of the roulette wheel, you may see lockers that simulate bank safe deposit boxes. This is where the Gold bars are hidden.


Gold Bar Roulette rules follow regular roulette rules. The gold bars are the only addition to these rules.

  1. Go to the live casino section and click on Gold Bar Roulette.
  2. Choose your number or numbers and place your bet – All the normal Roulette bets can be played and they all have the same payouts as normal roulette, except for a straight-up bet. At normal roulette a straight-up bet pays 35:1, at Gold Bar Roulette it’s 19:1. You get gold bars every time you win a straight-up bet. Notice that you have a limited time of 21 seconds to place your bets.
  3. Once the timer expires, the dealer will spin the wheel and opens four vaults. The dealer will show how many gold bars are present and can be won (by placing a single number inside bet) during the game round. Every gold bar represents an 88x multipliers.
  4. If you make a successful single number bet, then you are awarded the gold bars.
  5. Gold bars can be used instead of chips to make a single number bet and award 88x the total win when successful.

What are these Gold Bars?

After the betting time is over the dealer will spin the wheel and the vault will open. The vault had 4 separate boxes. The amount of Gold Bars in the boxes vary from 1 up to 20. If the ball lands on your number you will win the amount/number of Gold Bars in the vault. Each Gold Bar is worth 88x and will be added in your account.

Once you’ve win Gold Bars you have 3 betting options:

  1. You can bet your own Chips – If you placed a bet on a number without using a Gold Bar, you win the standard payment multiplied by the amount of your chips plus the number of Gold Bars shown after the vault was opened.
  2. Bet with the Gold Bars – If you win a Straight-Up bet with a Gold Bar, you win it’s value, multiplied by the multiplier (Gold Bar value x Gold Bar multiplier). Additionally, you get more bars the same way you would with a cash bet. It is allowed to place multiple Gold Bars on a single number. In case that number wins, your payout is the sum of all the multipliers. For example, winning a Gold Bar bet with 3 bars wins 264x, with 4 pays 352x, and so on. Winning these bets can also get you additional Gold Bars. 
  3. Bet Gold Bars and Chips as well – If you win with both a Gold Bar and chips placed on the same number, you win all of the above. This includes the standard payment multiplied by the amount of your chips, the Gold Bar multiplied payout, and additional bars.

Gold Bars cannot be purchased – you have to win them by winning Straight-Up bets (bet on single numbers) and use them as multipliers to stack up big payouts in following rounds. It is important to say again that the Gold Bars can be saved on your account and used up to 180 days. Note that the Gold bars do not pay anything directly. They must be used to bet in full.

Gold Bar Value

One Gold Bar is an 88x multiplier, Called the Gold Bar multiplier. It is directly related to the amount you bet in order to win the Gold Bar. This is called the Gold Bar Value.

You can check the value of your Gold bars by tapping on your gold bars in the betting interface. Their value will be an average of all the winning gold bar bet amounts. Winning more gold bars at a higher bet amount after already collecting gold bars at a lower one will increase the overall value of your bars.

Gold Bar Roulette Bets and Payouts

Gold Bar Roulette Live offers all standard roulette bets like Straight Up, Split, Corner, Line, Dozen, Red/Black, Low/High and Even/Odd and there are also no other additional fees to play the game. When you play Gold Bar Roulette you have the option of using your personal balance, your Gold Bars or both. When you play with you own money the minimum wager is €0,20 and the highest bet is €2000.

Due to the higher win chances of the Outside Bets, the RTP at Gold Bar Roulette is higher compare to other Roulette games – 97,10%.

All the payouts are the same as with regular European Roulette, except for the Straight-up Bet. As with all other live casino games with special features, payouts have been modified slightly to balance the game. In the case of Gold Bar Roulette, the regular payout on a Straight Up bet has been lowered from 35:1 to 19:1. When you use a Gold Bar for a Straight up bet the payout will be 88X.

Gold Bar Roulette Inside Bet Payouts

Gold Bar Roulette Inside Bet Payouts

Gold Bar Roulette Outside Bet Payouts

Gold Bar Roulette Special Features

Gold Bars – as we already mentioned above the main focus in the game are the gold bars. Every gold bar represents a 88x multiplier.

Auto Bets– You are allowed to set up Favorite bets. The Favorite bets will memorize bet combinations and allow you to place them quickly and easily.

Autoplay– this function allows you to set up a bet or bet combination that will automatically be played in every round.

Gold Bar Roulette Languages

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette only includes one table and it is entirely in English.
Of course, the UI allows you to change the text language from the settings menu, choosing between English, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.

If you are fan of bet multipliers you have to try Gold Bar Roulette Live. Test now if your lucky number will bring/win the biggest payouts!

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