Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy


Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy – If you’re looking for a new casino game to play, Dragon Tiger might be what you’re looking for.

The game looks like baccarat – at least a slimmed-down version of it – and it plays out in a similar manner to Casino War.

The game is super easy to play with relatively low house edge. The game outcomes are dragon win, tiger win, or tie.

What is Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game?

Dragon Tiger is a game based entirely on chance. Live Dragon Tiger is a two-card Baccarat variant. Everyone can play Dragon Tiger – there are only two cards in play and you bet on whether the Dragon or Tiger will have a higher value. It’s quite fast to play, with a new round every 25 seconds.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules


The aim of the game is to determine which side of the table has the higher card value – Dragon or Tiger or whether there is a draw. The value of cards from minimum to maximum goes as follows: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

Ace has a minimum value of 1 point, and a King has a maximum value of 13 points.

Two cards are drawn per game round to determine the outcome of the game. Using eight standard decks of 52 cards (without jokers), the dealer will then deal one card face up to each player, and the highest card wins. If both are with the same value, the match is a tie.

If you win with either dragon or tiger, you get a 1:1 payback.

If you elected tie and won, then the payout is 11:1.

If you lose, you forfeit your bet, and if there is a tie, and you only backed either dragon or tiger, you get half your bet back.

Dragon Tiger Bets


Dragon Tiger offers 4 standards bet options:

  • Dragon (left): pays out 1: 1
  • Tiger (right): pays out 1: 1
  • Tie (same value of the cards): pays out 11: 1
  • Suited Tie (tie with the same colors of the cards (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs): pays out 50: 1

In addition to the standard bets, Dragon Tiger features several types of side bets. These are Big/Small, Odd/Even, and Red/Black. Please note that when betting on Big/Small, 7 is considered a losing card in both cases. Therefore, according to the Dragon Tiger strategy, it is better to bet on Red/Black, as in this case, your odds will be 50-50.

There is also a general restriction in place. After 50 hands have been played , all side bets are disabled. This is because it`s easier to determine what the results are likely to be with the remaining cards in the dealing shoe.

How to Place Dragon Tiger Bets

The game has a fast pace, so make sure you bet on time. With the help of traffic light colors you still know how much time you have to bet:

  • Green: there is still plenty of time
  • Yellow: there is not much time left to bet
  • Red: you can no longer use this round

You can also bet quickly in various ways. You can click on “Repeat Bet” or “Double”.

Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

It’s very hard to come up with a winning strategy for this game because it’s very random and completely down to chance. Nevertheless, it is better to follow a betting strategy as it helps to systematize your game and put the house edge to the minimum.

Bankroll Management Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

Bankroll Management is a key principle not only of the Dragon Tiger game strategy but of betting systems in general. This is one of the main ways to keep playing for longer and ensure you don’t lose all your cash after a few games. You should bet an amount that corresponds to the size of your bankroll when placing bets. Using this approach means you should place smaller bets of $5 rather than huge bets of $50. This way, you can make the most out of your bankroll rather than just playing a few games and needing to deposit more money.

An even more useful approach is to set a dedicated amount for your playing session and always stick to it, and you’ll have more control of your expenses.

Know the Game and the Payouts

Make sure you fully understand Dragon Tiger Game before you start playing online for real money. On top of that, you need to know the payouts, as they will differ at online casinos.

Play Fewer Games

This strategy is key for Dragon Tiger as it’s so fast-paced. Playing more games means you’re likely to lose more.

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Card Counting Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

Dragon Tiger game is perfect for those who like keeping track of the cards by counting since very few cards are dealt. Dragon Tiger Game plays with a limited number of cards, making it easy to keep track of how many little and giant cards have been dealt. Most important, you can keep track of how many 7s have been dealt, because 7s are losing cards and no matter what bet you make, if a 7 is drawn, you lose your bet.

Follow The Last Cards Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

This is a strategy that reads the previous hand, similar to card counting. If the deck wasn’t shuffled properly, you’re more likely to obtain a high card after the previous high card, and you could get a higher card next. This could work on occasions but most of the time it is random.

Stick to One Side Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

For players that just want to play the game without using strategies or card counting, the best option is to stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets. The house edge for these bets is 3.73% and it’s the lowest of all possible bets. Just bet if you think that the Dragon hand or the Tiger hand will have the higher ranking card.

Check the Winning Trend Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

Check which side is winning more and keep betting on that side. At the bottom of the interface, you will find statistics for the previous rounds. , it is essential to understand that past results do not determine the future in any way.

Avoid Betting On The Tie or Suited Tie

Betting on a tie indeed has a high payout odds, which are 8:1. This may seem very attractive, but the best thing is to avoid it because the house edge on this bet is 32.77%.  That is why only the fortunate ones win when betting on a tie. Statistically speaking, you’ll most likely lose if you decide to place a bet on a tie. 

Do Not Follow Patterns

When you win in one round, you may be tempted to continue betting on the same side to ride out your luck. Avoid placing the same bets just because you are on a winning streak. The odds of winning remain the same whether or not you win or lose the round.

For instance, if the Tiger side has been winning for three consecutive rounds, it does not necessarily mean that the Tiger card will win again in the next round.

Stick to the Main Bets

Betting only on the Dragon and Tiger gives you an equal win rate of 50-50. This as one of the best betting options since you don’t need to use card counting or any other strategies.

Martingale and Paroli Dragon Tiger Betting Strategy

Martingale betting strategy is the most famous casino gambling system in the world. It also works perfectly as a Dragon Tiger strategy. The idea behind this strategy is that you double your bet after each loss and thus get an opportunity to recoup the losses.

The anti-Martingale strategy also known as Paroli betting strategy suggests that you double your stake after each win. This allows you to, in essence, bet using the casino’s money through your wins and stretch your bankroll to last a while longer.

Kindly note that both of these strategies are money management strategies rather than game-specific strategies which means that they can be applied to almost any casino game.

As we have already mentioned, the game is entirely based on your luck. That means it is not a game of skill and the betting system might not be the right move.

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