Dead or Alive : Saloon Betting Strategy

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Dead or Alive: Saloon is a unique card game developed by Evolution that offers players an exciting and dynamic gambling experience. The game is set in a masterfully reproduced Wild West atmosphere and players must guess which regular card will be drawn from a 104-card deck. Some may think that the game is a live version of Dead or Alive, a legendary online slot, but that’s not the case as this card game is quite distinct. Dead or Alive: Saloon is an exciting and thrilling game that can be enjoyed by players regardless of their risk preference.

When compared to other card games, like Football Studio or Baccarat, Dead or Alive: Saloon can also be considered as a reinterpretation of Roulette with cards replacing a ball and wheel. It is even more appropriate to compare Dead or Alive: Saloon with modified Roulette games, such as Lightning Roulette and XXXTreme Lightning Roulette. These games have a reduced base payout but give players an opportunity to multiply their bets by hundreds or even thousands of times. And this is a meaningful point that should be considered for Dead or Alive: Saloon betting strategies.

There are several reasons why Dead or Alive: Saloon instantly gained popularity among players. It is associated with the legendary Dead or Alive slot and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Wild West. The game is easy to learn, as players only need to place a bet, and offers flexible risk control. With payouts that may exceed the bet by hundreds or even thousands of times, it offers a diverse gameplay due to bonus cards of several types. And with an RTP of 97.02%, Dead or Alive: Saloon provides as high odds of winning as other live game shows from Evolution. Players can play Dead or Alive: Saloon at any Evolution-powered casino, for crypto and traditional currencies, from their desktop or mobile device.

How to play Dead or Alive Saloon

This Evolution live dealer game is simple to play, fast-paced, and doesn’t require much skill. Players must place their wagers and then wait for the dealer to begin dealing out cards one by one. The player only needs to collect Bonus cards with multipliers to increase his chance of winning. The round will come to an end once a regular card is drawn.
Dead or Alive Saloon is a live dealer guessing game powered by Evolution. The goal of the game is to predict which regular card will be drawn first.

Dead or Alive: SaloonBETTING

The game starts with placing the bets. The player can place a wager in a variety of ways, including on a specific card, suit, or value. Additionally, players have the choice to wager on a few or all of the cards. The default initial potential for each card is 20x. Keep in mind that each bet technically only covers one card. As an illustration, betting on Hearts actually places 13 bets on every card in that suit.

Dead or Alive: Saloon - Betting Strategy

Dead or Alive: SaloonDealing the Cards

Once the betting period ends, the dealer starts placing cards on the table, face up. The game is played with two decks of cards, one of which contains regular cards and the other bonus cards.

The decks are combined, so none of the players can’t know the next card drawn. The host will continue to draw cards until a regular playing card is revealed.

Dead or Alive: Saloon - Dealing the Cards

Dead or Alive: SaloonThe Result

The game goes on – as long as the dealer draws bonus cards. Once a regular card is drawn, the round ends, and players who placed bets on this card receive a payout according to the multiplier accumulated to that point. The starting multiplier is 20x and the final multiplier is limited only by the number of bonus cards in the deck.

Before trying a Dead or Alive: Saloon, players should be familiar with the basic features that will affect their approach to the game. The Dead or Alive: Saloon deck consists of 52 regular and 52 bonus cards. The bonus cards include twenty 20x cards, nineteen 30x cards, three 50x cards, one 100x card, three Double cards, and six Bounty cards.

Dead or Alive : Saloon Betting Strategy
Dead or Alive : Saloon Betting Strategy
Dead or Alive : Saloon Betting Strategy

Multiplier cards add a multiplier to the current round multiplier. Three Double cards may be dealt during a round, and each of them doubles the current round multiplier. The Bounty card triggers a bonus round where players choose one of three targets that hide multipliers from 10x to 200x.

Dead or Alive : Saloon Betting Strategy

For example, if a player receives a Bonus card with a 30x multiplier, his initial 20x default potential is increased by this amount, making his maximum win 50x. If the host draws a double card, on the other hand, the player`s potential win amount is doubled. However, keep in mind that the Double cards won’t have an impact on the Bonus card values in the future.

Dead or Alive: Saloon – Betting Options and Payouts

The gameplay and payout structure of the Dead or Alive: Saloon live dealer game are both unique. The player will not see a lot of set values.

Only the number of bonus cards he managed to draw before the end of the round will determine his winnings. Every win offers rewards ranging from 20x to 2,000x. Additionally, Dead or Alive: Saloon’s maximum win is limited to €500,000.

The betting range, which ranges from a minimum bet of €0,1 to a maximum bet of €1,000, is suitable for all types of players. Dead or Alive: Saloon offers a payout ratio of 19-1999:1

Although Dead or Alive: Saloon’s return to player (RTP) is 97.02%, it is still high enough to provide some big payouts. This RTP is slightly lower than many other casino table games.

The house edge is just under 3%. Specifically, it’s always 2,98%, regardless of how many cards the player decided to bet on.

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Dead or Alive: Saloon – Symbols and Special Features

Don’t anticipate any additional features because Dead or Alive: Saloon is a live dealer game.

The game does have a really fun bonus round, though, which will make your gaming experience much more exciting.
As we have mentioned, there are 52 Bonus cards with multipliers made up of three Double cards, six Bounty cards, twenty multiplier cards, nineteen 30x multiplier cards, three 50x multiplier cards, and one 100x multiplier card.

The special round can be reached through the six Bounty cards. The Bounty Hunt event will be immediately accessible to the fortunate players who draw one of these cards.

A wooden plank with three “wanted” posters featuring dangerous criminals can be found here. Each of these posters serves as a target and hides a multiplier value. The player must select a target and shoot. The poster will then reveal the multiplier which is added to his potential win amount. Considering that each player gets to pick their own Bounty, different players may receive different bonuses.

Dead or Alive: Saloon Betting Strategy

To be honest, playing Evolution Dead or Alive: Saloon Live isn’t too difficult. The games is based on luck, leaving little room for strategy.

When it comes to Dead or Alive: Saloon betting strategy, players can focus on increasing their odds of winning by considering certain factors.

One strategy is to focus on betting on cards with higher bets. This increases the potential payout if that card is drawn, but it also means that the bet is spread across fewer cards, so the chances of guessing correctly are reduced. By focusing on cards with higher bet, the player is essentially taking a higher risk in hopes of a higher reward. This strategy is best for players who have a higher risk tolerance and are willing to accept the possibility of a lower chance of winning in exchange for a higher potential payout.

Another strategy is to spread the bet across multiple cards with lower bets, which increases the chances of guessing correctly but lowers the potential payout. By spreading the bet across multiple cards, the player is essentially reducing his risk, as the chances of guessing correctly increase with the number of cards he is betting on. However, this strategy is best for players who are looking to minimize risk and are comfortable with a lower potential payout.

Finally, players should also be aware of their budget and risk tolerance.

While Dead or Alive: Saloon can offer high payouts, it’s important to set a budget and stick to it. This will help the player to avoid overspending and ensure that he can continue to play the game in the long term.

Additionally, understanding that gambling always involves a certain level of risk is crucial in order to develop a strategy that fits the individual goals and risk tolerance of the player.

It’s worth mentioning that ultimately, there’s a lot of luck involved in this game and as such, no specific strategy can guarantee a win, but by considering the above-mentioned points, every player will increase his chances and it will give him a better experience when playing the game.

In conclusion, Dead or Alive: Saloon is an exciting and unique card game that offers players a diverse and thrilling gambling experience. With its Wild West atmosphere and high payouts, it has quickly gained popularity among players.

However, it is important to remember that the game is different from other card games and that learning a tailored Dead or Alive: Saloon winning strategy is essential for success.

Additionally, understanding the different types of bonus cards and considering factors such as the number of bonus cards left in the deck and budget and risk tolerance can greatly affect the outcome of the game.

Overall, Dead or Alive: Saloon is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all levels and provides an exciting and dynamic gambling experience.