Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Creating a successful Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy seems impossible due to the random nature of the game. Anyway there are a few ways to approach this new live game show which can bring results. Below you could check some tips and betting ways that could help you get some wins out of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Big on Picks (High Risk) Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Selecting more picks is the best way to uncover the prize stones you want. They are particularly valuable if you are aiming at the 20x or 65x stones. But there is a catch – each pick will multiply your total bet place on the stones.

Let’s say you are aiming for 20x and 65x – and you have 5 EUR bet on each. You decide you want to play 10 picks. That’s a whopping 100 EUR you have to risk out for one game round.

We only recommend this method if you are going for the best-paying stones. For a decent high-value coverage, you could go for 8x, 20x and 65x.

Pros: Best chance of landing stone you want

Cons: Could cost a lot

1x and 2x Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

For this strategy, we are only aiming for the 1x and preferably 2x stones. Both of these bets cover significantly more of the board than other bets. Combining this with a generous number of picks, and you will have a success.

At the end of each game round, random squares are selected to get an RNG Prize Drop (and in rare cases, a Re-Drop) – which can be a specific bonus prize that will only apply to that stone.

By placing wagers on the 1x and 2x (with a decent number of picks) – you cover the most area to try and land one of these prizes.

Pros: High chance of winning – best chance of hitting Prize Drop at reasonable bet level

Cons: Can be expensive depending on your stone bet and the number of picks in play

100% Guaranteed Win Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Below the main stone bets, you will note a conveniently placed “Bet On All” button. It’s almost a hint from Evolution that it’s the best way to play the game.

By betting on all, you are guaranteed to win wherever you pick. However, there is a small inconvenience about this method:

Even if you select a low-value stone, which won’t cover your whole bet, buying extra picks will make a bet even more expensive and will only really payout if you are lucky with a Prize Drop.

There is a way to maximise your chances of landing a Prize Drop bonus prize of course. By betting on all stones – with the maximum number of picks, you will be guaranteed to win something and have a solid chance to win a bonus prize.

But let’s see how expensive this type of bet could be. For example, let’s assume you want to back all stones with a 2EUR bet – and you want to grab the max number of picks (which is 20). (6 x 2EUR) x 20 = 240EUR.

It’s a chunky investment – and will only pay out with lucky Prize Drops and Re-Drops.

Pros: Guaranteed to win

Cons: Unrealistically expensive

PICK & WIN Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Once you’ve selected the stone(s) that you’d like to try and find, then the more chances you have of finding that stone(s) the better. This may seem like a fairly obvious statement, but let us say for example that you have chosen the purple stone at the odds of 4/1, and then decided to place a 0.50 EUR bet on it. If you then chose the option of 20 picks it would cost a total of 10EUR for that game and you would then have 20 chances of finding 12 purple stones.

Bet = Purple Stone at 0.50 EUR x 20 picks = 10 EUR bet. You’ll need to achieve a 20x win to break even.

The plus point to this betting strategy is that the more picks you allow yourself, the more of the game board you will cover. We have added a very useful chart for you below that details how many of the 70 stones you will cover as a percentage with regard to how many picks you decide as a bet. 

This is a betting strategy that ultimately lets you decide upon how volatile and risky you would like it to be. We suggest  opting for around 10-15 stones, as this still gives you a strong chance to pick a winner, whilst bringing down the overall cost of the bet.

1 pick = 1.42%

2 picks = 2.86%

3 picks = 4.26%

4 picks = 5.68%

5 picks = 7.1%

6 picks = 8.52%

7 picks = 9.94%

8 picks = 11.36%

9 picks = 12.78%

10 picks = 14.20%

11 picks = 15.62%

12 picks = 17.04%

13 picks = 18.46%

14 picks = 19.88%

15 picks = 21.30%

16 picks = 22.72%

17 picks = 24.14%

18 picks = 25.56%

19 picks = 26.98%

20 picks = 28.40%

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COVERING THE BOARD Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

Betting on combinations of the coloured stones which leads to more than 50% of the board being covered, offers one of the best playing strategies on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt. Let’s take a look at an example of this.

As we know there are a total of 70 stones on the board, so if you chose to bet on only the brown stones and the orange stones, this would cover a total of 47 positions.

Example 0.50 EUR bet on Brown & Orange + 20 Picks = a total of 10 EUR bet. 

This bet covers 67% of the stones on the board, so you will have over a 1/2 chance of successfully finding a winning stone.

Again this type of betting strategy allows you, the player, to determine the overall volatility of it. You can play around with the stone variations which will adjust the percentage amount of the board that you will cover, and the amounts that you will win. Below we have listed the full set of 2 stone betting variations for you to try.

Brown & Orange = 67% of the game board covered

Brown & Purple = 55.7% of the game board covered

Brown & Green = 48.6% of the game board covered

Brown & Blue = 42.8% of the game board covered

Brown & Red = 40% of the game board covered

Orange & Purple = 45.7% of the game board covered

Orange & Green = 38.8% of the game board covered

Orange & Blue = 32.8% of the game board covered

Orange & Red = 30% of the game board covered

Purple & Green = 27.14% of the game board covered

Purple & Blue = 21.4% of the game board covered

Purple & Red = 18.57% of the game board covered

Green & Blue = 14.28% of the game board covered

Green & Red = 11.42% of the game board covered

Blue & Red = 5.7% of the game board covered

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GUARANTEED TO WIN Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Betting Strategy

If you want to guarantee that you will win when playing Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, then it really is the simplest of playing strategies. Just bet on every coloured stone and then regardless of the amount of picks that you choose to play with, you will be successful when it comes to the final reveal. 

Whilst this might be the easiest way to win, it is also going to lose you your money in the quickest possible time. You will be heavily reliant on the multipliers and re-drops coming into play, and if they don’t or they do not land on your stone, then your balance will soon be depleted. 

So conclusion here is that covering the entire board could be a risky high cost way to play.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more out of Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt:

You can bet on all stones by clicking on the “Bet on All” button – but this will come with quite a cost.

Re-Drops (extra multipliers) can appear up to 10 times on each game.

Should You Play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt?

Based on the atmosphere and entertainment value – yes, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is well worth to play. Fans of the original slot will instantly enjoy the branding and just how much effort has gone into the presentation.

But do we recommend it as a gambling game? No actually we at gambler.ninja don’t. The problem is that this is very much like a pick and click bonus round in a slot game. Except in those bonus games – you are usually guaranteed to win something.

The proof is in the RTP – even with optimal play, you will only break a 96.56% return. Unfortunately, it’s the same kind of RTP you will find on a slot.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is a case of betting big on picks and praying for some divine intervention from the Inca Gods.


Based on our personal experience, the best playing strategy on Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is covering the board strategy. This allows you to add a 3rd or a 4th stone if you wish, and play around with the overall percentage of the game board that you will cover. Opting for around a 40% coverage in our opinion is the optimal strategy, with multipliers and re-drops then having the added ability to boost your winnings.


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