How to start playing

Casino Rookies: How do we start playing?

Online games are a huge trend that is gaining more and more players. However, if you do not have experience in the online gaming, the whole process may be unfamiliar for you. Where to start and what to do?

How to start playing online in a casino?

Try free games (you can find our free slots and casino games )
Before you start playing with real money, try games for free. Almost every casino game has a free version in which you test the winning symbols as well as the gameplay. You can find free games on many websites. Fun games do not win and are used purely to explore new games.

Registration is very easy in every online casino they are step by step how to make an account.

Charge your gaming account
You can load your gaming account with a few mouse clicks. Select the amount you want to deposit, the method of payment and confirm the transaction. In each casino you have a choice of payment methods.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions
Get to know the bonus offers and all promotions. Casinos often offer various benefits to players, such as bonuses, cash back or free spins for new players. Therefore, you can enjoy even more.

How to choose the perfect casino game?

Slot machines
The simplest alternative for complete beginners in the world of gambling are slot machines. They offer a good combination of great fun and smooth gameplay. Before you start a game, you do not need to learn complex rules, all you need is to consider some basic practices and principles of the game. Games are different and contain different winning symbols and features. You can choose for example a theme with adventure, music or sports or a classic slot machine in the form of a fruit slot machine.

Roulette games have differences in rules and betting offer. In the beginning you have to decide whether to play European, French or American roulette. Although at first glance they may look identical, they have differences in rules and RTP. For beginners, we recommend trying one of the easier versions of roulette, such as the classic Roulette.

You can play anywhere
The advantage of the online casino is the ability to play anytime and anywhere. Gaming on a computer has several advantages thanks to the larger screen:

The advantages of playing from a computer:

1. More authentic experience
2. More immersion in the game
3. Game in comfort of your home
4. Minimal distraction from the surroundings

If you want to have your games with you at all time, try playing from your phone. You can play on the website optimized for mobile devices or install a casino app directly to your phone. In the mobile application you will find a selection of games that are practically identical to the games on the website. The chances of winning are absolutely the same in both cases.

The advantages of the game from the phone:

1. Casino is always with you – you have it everywhere with you
2. You can play while traveling, even while waiting for a bus or train
3. Speed ​​and simplicity
4. Playing Casino games is mainly for fun

So you have successfully registered in an online casino and have a chosen game to start your journey in the online world. It only remains to remember the most important rule that you must follow when playing.

You will enjoy online gambling the most if you play safely and responsibly. Set time and financial constraints and learn how to responsibly manage your game budget.

Gambler Ninja Team wish you good luck with casino games.