Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller is a bingo-style live entertainment gameshow by Evolution.

MONOPOLY Big Baller takes you on a riverboat voyage where the action is centered around a bingo-style ball drawing machine. This game show is based on one of the world’s best-known board games and ramps up the excitement as multipliers offer greatly increased payout opportunities and boost engagement. Jump aboard this colorful ride and test your luck alongside MR. MONOPOLY.

Some of the biggest wins at online casinos have been hit in the bonus rounds of Monopoly Live. So now, the leading provider of live casino solutions comes up with Monopoly Big Baller Live.

The game combines the elements of Mega Ball Live with lucrative Monopoly Live bonus features. It will be available at Evolution-powered casinos in summer 2022. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Player can win big on the Bingo Cards as free spaces and multipliers can boost payouts. At the same time, the 3 and 5 Rolls bonus rounds can deliver some significant wins, as MR.MONOPOLY walks around the board collecting multipliers.

What Is MONOPOLY Big Baller Live?

Monopoly Big Baller is a unique game show from Evolution that has as its base game the best of Mega Ball and in addition the wonderful bonus game of Monopoly Live. In its basics the game is a game of bingo, played with 4 Bingo cards.

Monopoly Big Baller Cards

Players can win prizes by completing lines on their Bingo cards. Prize for a completed line can range from 2x up to 199X.

There are two additional bonus cards – 3 ROLLS and 5 ROLLS. If either of these are complete, player access to the MONOPOLY board bonus round.

Player can place bet on 1 or more cards. He/She may also bet on all cards at once. Players are also allowed to bet a different amount on each card.

Each casino card contains 25 Numbers in a 5×5 cell format. For each game round, the presenter draws 20 balls from a Bingo machine containing 60 colored balls numbered 1-60.

Monopoly Big Baller Cards

There are two types of cards:

  • Free Space card – The center cell is a ‘free space’; this acts as a drawn number and increases the odds of making a line
Monopoly Big Baller Free Space Cards
  • Chance card – The center cell is guaranteed to be a multiplier, so any completed line passing through the center receives an increased payout. Free spaces may be added to the card later
Monopoly Big Baller Chance Cards

Once the cards have received their numbers, MR. MONOPOLY will pull a lever to place random daubs (free spaces) and multipliers for player’s cards. A daub acts as a drawn number. Multipliers are engaged when a ball or several balls are drawn that correspond with the number with the multiplier on the card.

There are three types of Chance multipliers:

  • Standard (multiplied payout on any line containing this number)
  • Line (pays out if you win this line)
  • Global (any winning line on this card receives the multiplied payout, the line does not need to contain the multiplier)

Monopoly Big Baller RTP & Payouts

Payouts on MONOPOLY Big Baller are straightforward. Player place bets on a card, not an individual line. Player get payouts for line wins.

The payout amount depends on any active multipliers on the whole card, a line or a number. Multiple multipliers can boost line payouts.

  • The minimum line payout on either card is 2x your bet.
  • The maximum payout on the Free Space Card is 39:1.
  • 199:1 is the maximum payout on the Chance card.
  • The payout for the 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls gets capped at £$€500,000.
  • A Multiplier on a card will boost any wins by 2x or 3x.
  • A line multiplier boosts the win for that line by 20x or 50x.

If a number has a multiplier and is part of a winning line, it will boost the payout for that line by 10x or 20x.


Monopoly Big Baller shares the same bonus round and the main character with Monopoly Live, while its game mechanics were borrowed from Mega Ball. As a result, we have got a highly entertaining game that will keep fans of both titles captivated. However, you also should be aware of the differences.

  • Unlike Mega Ball, payouts in Monopoly Big Baller do not grow progressively depending on the completed lines. Each line pays 2:1 without taking into account extra multipliers.
  • You can bet on four bingo cards and two bonus cards per round. In Mega Ball, you can buy up to 400 cards.
  • The number of dice rolls in the bonus round has been increased to 3 and 5, respectively. Therefore, you have a higher chance to reach the end of the board and win bigger prizes. However, you can’t earn an extra multiplier that is applied after hitting the Chance segment in Monopoly Live.

The RTP of Monopoly Big Baller is 96.10%. It is on par with Monopoly Live and higher than that of Mega Ball. The bonus structure in Monopoly Big Baller suggests that this game has lower volatility than Monopoly Live. In other words, you can expect to hit medium payouts more frequently, but winning anything over 300x in Monopoly Big Baller may be quite challenging.

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Why Play Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller has been steadily gaining popularity among players since it release in August 2022. There are several reasons for that:

  • Based on two other major sensations from Evolution, Monopoly Big Baller couldn’t leave their fans indifferent;
  • Unlike Monopoly Live, you don’t have to pick various multiplier segments to place bets on. Just buy a card and enjoy the game;
  • The house edge at Monopoly Big Baller is 3.90%. This is a perfect value for a player compared to some other live game shows from Evolution;
  • Bonus games are quite frequent in Monopoly Big Baller, which surely makes the gameplay more exciting;
  • Monopoly Big Baller is available in numerous online casinos for traditional currency and cryptocurrency.

Things to Know Before Trying Monopoly Big Baller Strategy

Below are the naked facts you should know before playing Monopoly Big Baller with a strategy.

  • The lottery drum contains 60 balls. 20 are drawn each round;
  • There are two types of bingo cards. Payouts for Free Space cards can range between 2:1 and 39:1. Payouts for Chance cards can be as high as 199:1. To switch between Free Space cards and Chance cards, use the slider at their bottom;
  • There are three types of multipliers. One covers the entire card, the other – a separate ball, the third – a separate line. The maximum multiplier per line is 50x;
  • Each player is given cards with a unique set of numbers. The numbers on the bonus cards are common for everyone;
  • If 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls bonuses are won in the same round, they will be played one after another.


Monopoly Big Baller Best Strategy

Remember when we said there are Free Space, Chance, and bonus cards. That’s precisely what you need to implement different Evolution Monopoly Big Baller strategies. We all want to get the absolute best value for our deposits when playing live casino games, and that’s where trying to come up with a suitable strategy to implement in your gameplay can help. Listed below are some strategies that can be used on Monopoly Big Baller to try and make your cash last for as long as possible, and maybe they’ll help you to hit a big win too!

Monopoly Big Baller Standard Strategy

By default, Monopoly Big Baller offers two Free Space cards and two Chance cards. The difference is that on the Free Space card, the central cell is filled initially, while the Chance card has bigger multipliers.

If you bet on two Free Space cards, two Chance cards, and two bonus cards, it is the Monopoly Big Baller standard strategy. The developer distributed cards like that for a reason. The Monopoly Big Baller standard strategy allows you to discover all the game features in just a few rounds. As you master the game, you can try selecting different cards or changing their quantity and ratio.

Monopoly Big Baller Chance Strategy

In some respects, Free Space cards can be compared to playing a low-volatility slot machine. Such games can keep your balance stable for quite a while until you start to lose. However, when this occurs, you have almost no chance of regaining your balance because of the low winning potential. In Monopoly Big Baller, you also place bets on the bonus cards, and these are losing bets until you win the bonus game. Thus, maintaining your balance with the wins from Free Space cards may be next to impossible.

Chance cards, on the other hand, may bring much more lucrative multipliers. Being lucky enough, you can win up to 199:1 per Chance card. This value far exceeds that of an average bonus game. For objectivity, we should note that max wins do not happen often, but winning x20-50 is entirely possible on a good round. This is enough to cover the bets from other cards and stay in profit.

When you select a Chance card, don’t forget to reduce the bet because now you play at a higher risk level.

Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Hunt Strategy

The bonus round is the most exciting part of Monopoly Big Baller. So why not bet exclusively on bonus cards?

You can essentially consider bonus cards and bingo cards as two independent bet types. Sometimes, bingo cards offset the losses from the bonus bets, but it is equally possible that all of your cards will lose. As the Monopoly Big Baller math suggests, by placing bets only on the bonus cards, you can expect to stay in the game longer than if you place bets on all the cards.

Some players who like the bonus round at Monopoly Big Baller but find it boring to wait prefer to play another game at the same time. This way they can ensure they don’t miss out on the bonus while still enjoying their favorite slots or table games.

Monopoly Big Baller Double Up Strategy

More commonly known as the Martingale system, you can choose to try the double up strategy on Monopoly Big Baller if you’re feeling particularly brave. This one has a relatively basic and simple principle: you place your bets on the cards, and if you don’t win, you double the bets for the next round. Each time that you lose, you continue to double the bet. You revert to your original starting bet sizes when you finally hit a win. See the example below.

  • Bet 1: Total cost of bets is €1, and the outcome is a loss.
  • Bet 2: Total cost of bets is €2, and the outcome is a loss.
  • Bet 3: Total cost of bets is €4, and the outcome is a loss.
  • Bet 4: Total cost of bets is €8, and the outcome is a loss.
  • Bet 5: Total cost of bets is €16, and the outcome is a win.

This is a very risky system to try out, and if you do attempt it, then you should realise that you can deplete a bankroll in next to no time at all. You should also be aware that the game will have a maximum bet too, which is often the greatest setback of using this method. Once you reach that limit, it’s going to mean that you have suffered some pretty awful losses, with zero chance of recovering them any time soon.

The Wait It Out Strategy

The wait it out strategy is my favorite when it comes to all live casino games with a bonus round, and it just so happens that you can use this method on Evolution’s Monopoly Big Baller. The key to making this strategy work for you is counting the average number of games between the bonus rounds.

Once you’re confident with a rough estimate of how many games you think will be played before the next bonus, you can then start to bet when the game total gets around that figure. This is by no means a foolproof way to win, but the longer you can hold your bottle as it gets toward the average bonus figure, the more likely you’ll hit a bonus round within your deposit.

Bonus Card Bets Only

If you want to focus on the bonus feature only on Monopoly Big Baller Live, then the Bonus Card Bets only strategy is one that you should consider. As the title of this technique suggests, all bets you place on the game will be on the 3 and 5 rolls only card. Of course, you won’t top up your playing balance from the main game, but the trade-off is that all of your deposit amounts will be purely focused on triggering the feature and unlocking those big wins.

Low Volatile Strategy

If you want to get the absolute maximum play time from your deposit on Monopoly Big Baller, then the low volatile strategy is something you’ll seriously want to consider. The idea behind this method is to bet the minimum amounts on all regular and bonus cards. This will cost you a total of €0.60 per game, which means you’ll get to play a minimum of 83 rounds if you start with a €50 balance ( more if you land any line wins or bonus features ).

The one thing that this strategy guarantees is game time. So if you want to maximize your bankroll but are willing to sacrifice the chance of winning anything substantial, this is the right game plan for you.

Medium Volatile Strategy

To increase the risk slightly whilst you play, you could adopt the medium volatile strategy. This method requires you to double or triple the bet size you made on each card in the lower volatile strategy. So if you’re using our example of a €50 starting balance, each game would cost you €1.20 – €1.80 to play. This will cut the number of rounds you can play in half or by two-thirds, so be aware of that factor.

Any wins you hit whilst using this method will have the potential to pay you a reasonable amount. So although your game time could be reduced, the possibility of walking away with a profit is also increased.

High Volatile Strategy

If you’re on a bit of a roll, then trying out the high volatile strategy could present you with some big win opportunities. Applying this method to your play will require you to risk your total €50 budget in just three games, where placing bets of €2.70 on each card will result in a net spend of €16.20 per game. The payoff here is that if you hit a decent win multiplier or the bonus game, the rewards could be pretty impressive.

We’d only suggest you try this method out if you have already won on the game or if your total playing balance exceeds the total bets required to complete the strategy in full.


Beyond the Evolution Monopoly Big Baller strategies, there are general tips that may help you get the most out of the game in terms of fun and winnings.

  • Be sure to place bets on the bonus cards each round. You don’t want to stare at the screen when everyone rushes for big multipliers, do you? Otherwise, you would be playing a limited version of Mega Ball. It is also better to bet on both bonus cards because you can never know which wins first. If you wish to avoid doubling the bet, split one between two bonus cards.
  • Manage your bankroll. Since you have no control over the game once the round is started, bankroll management is the key to success. Winning streaks may be often followed by losing ones and vice versa. When you are winning, the risks may seem low, and you may be tempted to raise the bet. Unfortunately, it is equally possible to lose several rounds in a row. Therefore, having a stake big enough to overcome a losing streak is a must. As a general rule, you should not bet more than 10% of your bankroll per round. A conservative Monopoly Big Baller strategy suggests you should not bet more than 2-5% per round.
  • Try different card combinations. Now that you know the Monopoly Big Baller Chance strategy, you could also try some other card combinations, such as three Free Space cards and one Chance card. It also should be noted that you do not have to bet on all four cards in each round. Experiment to find the playstyle that works best for you.
  • Do not consider previous results. For real, past performance does not determine the future. The more you play Monopoly Big Baller, the more you realize that bonus games may come up multiple times in a row, or there may be no bonuses for hours. Interestingly, in Monopoly Big Baller, unlike most other game shows from Evolution, you can’t see stats for previous rounds on the screen.