Crazy Coin Flip Live

Crazy Coin Flip Live Casino Game Review. How and Where to Play

Crazy Coin Flip Live – No matter you are novice in the gambling or a regular player, you certainly know Crazy Time – a game that is loved by millions of players around the world and every year it is consistently included in the list of the most popular slots in various online casinos. Crazy Time is one of the most popular games in Evolution’s portfolio. It represents a Wheel of Fortune game that features four incredible Bonus Rounds. In 2022, Evolution decided to take advantage of its popularity and thus they created a spin-off based on one of the bonus games: Crazy Coin Flip.

One lucky spin and the money will come to you!


Crazy Coin Flip Live – Overview

The new live game show combines features from both online slots and live dealer games, and it could be one of the first live casino slots we get to meet this year. This innovative game consists of three game phases – qualifying slot, against-the-clock Top-Up slot and the live Coin Flip bonus round which guarantee entertainment and winning chances.

As we already mentioned Crazy Coin Flip is based on Crazy Time, except that players get a live feature every time they activate a bonus. The bonus is triggered after landing three scatters and unlocking multipliers.

Crazy Coin Flip Live – HOW TO PLAY

The objective of the game is quite simple: to qualify for the bonus round! To do so, you must gather three Scatter symbols during the qualification round. The Top-Up phase also gives you the opportunity to boost your multipliers even more before joining the live bonus game.



To qualify for the live Coin Flip bonus round, you need to land three scatter symbols within a single spin on a five-by-three slot. Landing scatters makes players eligible for the live Coin Flip bonus. Because some Scatters may contain multipliers, once you’ve qualified, they’ll be put together and used to boost the multipliers in the bonus round.

For gamers that like faster action, a ‘Turbo‘ button has been added that allows you to switch between ‘Normal‘ and ‘Turbo‘ speed mode to speed up the slot spinning animations and cut spin time.

Normal Spin, XXXtreme Spin, and Super XXXtreme Spin are the three modes available in the qualification slot. The amount you choose as your base wager will be used to determine your winnings. The XXXtreme spin modes can help you getting to the bonus game more quickly. The XXXtreme Spin mode ensures a Scatter per spin for 5X the bet. The Super XXXtreme Spin, on the other hand, guarantees two Scatters on every spin for a fee of 50X the bet. Additionally, the two XXXtreme spins offer more frequent multipliers.

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Crazy Coin Flip Live – TOP-UP PHASE


Once you’ve qualified, you’ll enter the Top-Up Phase, where you can boost your multipliers. This against-the-clock feature has a three-reel, three-row slot machine populated with blue and red coin symbols each containing a multiplier value. You can increase your Top-Up bet amount in order to increase the multiplier values. Player win multipliers by collecting three coin symbols of the same color in the middle row. The overall Top-Up multiplier for the winning coin color (red or blue) will be calculated by adding the values of the won multipliers.

Once the time has run out, you’ll be taken to the live Coin Flip bonus round. 

Players who qualify just before the start of the bonus round might choose to stay in the Top-Up phase and keep increasing their multipliers.

Crazy Coin Flip Live – BONUS ROUND


Coin Flip bonus round with live game host generates the multipliers for both sides of the coin.

These multipliers will be added to your total winnings and are available for all players. After receiving the Coin Flip bonus round multipliers, all the multipliers you’ve won so far (Scatter multipliers, Top-Up multipliers and Coin Flip multipliers) are added together to their respective sides of the coin. The game hosts will then flip the coin by pulling a level.

The Coin Flip bonus round result is determined by which side of the coin is facing up, and awards a prize based on the multiplier of the winning side of the coin.

Crazy Coin Flip Live – Payouts and RTP

Crazy Coin Flip has three stages, each with its own unique payout structure.

During Qualification phase, the Crazy Coin Flip slot is typical for online slots. The payouts are determined by the symbols that match during the spin. There are a total of seven symbols, and the prizes are determined by how many are matched on a payline. All of these multiply your wager for that spin. For landing five cherry or bell symbols during the Qualification round, payouts range from 12x to 20x the bet. Small winnings of up to 3.5x are possible with low-value icons.

Payouts in the Top-Up phase follow a simple formula – the winning side’s total Top-Up multiplier X the base bet. This amount is paid out after the Coin Flip round ends.

Any win lines earned during the Qualification and Top-Up phases are added to the bonus round and count for the total win.

The following formula will determine your prize in the Coin Flip bonus:

  • Total Scatter Multiplier X the winning’s sides Coin Flip multiplier X the base bet
  • The regular bet’s payout percentage is 96.05%, while the XXXtreme bet’s RTP is lower at 96%.

Crazy Coin Flip Live – Betting Strategy

For now, we don’t know much how this game works. In terms of strategy, there’s nothing to compare this game to, but it’s certainly a game of chance. At most slots it’s just spinning and winning and we believe that will be the same with this new game, because it’s a Live Slot.

If you like games like this, you should definitely play Crazy Coin Flip live

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