Plinko Casino Game – Step-by-Step Guide and Plinko Overview

Developed by the show’s producer Frank Wayne back in 1983, the Plinko game was a stable part of “The Price is Right” until 2007. Based on the interesting concept of the TV show and thanks to its expert team and a player-driven approach, BGaming creates Plinko casino Game.

Plinko Casino Game Introduction

The game’s basic concept is that players win according to the box their ball lands in after being thrown down a board of pins. Plinko offers a variety of different payouts, which increase in value as you move outward from the center. Therefore, even if the return rate might not be exactly 1:1, every round is a winner. The maximum win amounts that can be achieved depend on the number of rows selected, which can range from 8 to 16, as well as the volatility level, which can be changed by players and set to low, medium, or high.

Plinko RTP & Volatility

Playing the Plinko casino game online is for all players who love casual games with a sky-high payback ratio. Plinko has a 99% RTP (Return to Player),  making it the game with one of the highest payout percentages compared to most slots. Theoretically, this means that for every €100 put into the game, the expected payout would be €99. Additionally, there are three different levels of volatility that can be chosen when playing this game, this making Plinko a rather special and exceptional title. 

Plinko Game Features

The Plinko slot machine doesn’t really have a lot of features seen in other slot machine games, such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, Plinko free spins, or even bonus rounds.
However there are a few things to note about the gameplay:

  • Custom Paylines – the player can choose from 8 to 16 paylines. The number of pins or rows ranges from 8 to 16, depending on the game. The more rows, the harder it’ll be for the ball to reach the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Autoplay Feature – All the player need to do is fill in the fields as he/she would in regular play, and set the number of consecutive rounds he/she would like to trigger. The player merely needs to press the “Stop” button at any point to end it.
  • Specific Bet Range – Plinko has flexibility when it comes to maximum betting – the bet size starts from $0.10 to $2,500 and even higher.
  • Adjust Risk Settings – remember that the higher risk = the higher payout.
  • Provably Fair Gaming – everyone can see the game’s algorithm in real time, and also verify it.
  • Game History – on the left side of the screen the player can see what he/she won and lost.
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What is Plinko about and How to Play Plinko?

Dropping the ball and waiting for it to land on a specific win amount is all it takes to play the Plinko!

Plinko is a game of pure chance in which the player drops a ball into a pyramid-shaped maze. The ball then comes down randomly between the pins until it lands at the bottom of the pyramid. There the numbers (multipliers) stand and hits one of them. The payout depends on where the ball lands, with higher payouts occurring towards the pin pyramid’s borders and lesser payouts and losses in the center. Each bet played represents a ball drop.

To get started the player need to adjust the bet size, the risk level, the autoplay feature, the number of pay lines and just to press “Play”. The more pay lines, the more chances of big winning. Remember that Plinko is a RNG gambling game and there is always a potential risk of losses!

In other words – It couldn’t be easier to play Plinko game online. Here is a step-by-step guide how to play the game:

  • Determine the Risk Levels (low, medium or high). The higher the risk setting, the harder it is to win, and the higher potential payout.
  • Set your betting mode on either Manual or Auto – Auto mode is helpful as it enables the gambler to preset the number of balls that he / she want to drop for each round. Once the predetermined number of rounds has passed, it will automatically stop.
  • Adjust the Bet Amount per drop using min, max or the + and – buttons . High stakes wagering entails risk, but the reward for success is greater.
  • Choose the Number of Lines (between 8 and 16). The more lines, the harder it’ll be for the ball to reach the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Press Play to watch the ball drop.
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Plinko Risk Levels

Players should always know what their personal goals are in terms of profit during the gameplay, when deciding how to use the Risk Level option. There are LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH – risk strategies, each with its own benefits and opportunities.

Obviously the LOW – risk level will offer a lowest maximum potential payout –  up to 16x the bet when playing with 16 lines. Since there is less chance of suffering a significant loss, this option can also be advantageous. This is because there are fewer low multipliers – acting as loss barriers.

The default NORMAL – risk level will produce medium prizes worth up to 110x the bet.

Maximum profit potential is greatly boosted when choosing the HIGHT -risk level. Here the player can expect bigger profits – up to 1,000x the bet, playing with 16 lines. Players should keep in mind – choosing this risk level will result in a significant increase in loss multipliers, particularly in the center pockets of the pyramid.

LOW or MEDIUM risk levels are better suited for players who normally drop fewer balls.

Plinko Risk Level

Plinko Bet Amount. Min & Max Plinko Bets and Top Plinko Wins

The bet amount entirely depend on the player’s bankroll and how he/she intends to handle it.

The betting options vary from €1 to €100 per drop.

The maximum possible win for a single roll is 1000x when wagering on all 16 lines at a high level of risk (however, given the game’s complete randomness, these winnings are exceedingly uncommon).

The smallest multiplier is ×0.2 bet. No round will be empty: even if you do not increase the amount, you will at least get back some money.

The player must be playing at a HIGH risk level to access the highest possible wins in Plinko online, which are:

The player can choose between 8 and 16 lines and the game board will change accordingly.

This will influence the volatility of the game.

More lines- higher the rewards depending on the risk level.

For instance, if the player activates all the rows and wager the maximum of €100 per spin, he/she may win as much as €100,000.

  • 8 lines = 29X
  • 9 lines = 43X
  • 10 lines = 76X
  • 11 lines = 120x
  • 12 lines = 170x
  • 13 lines = 260x
  • 14 lines = 420x
  • 15 lines = 620x
  • 16 lines = 1,000x

Plinko Payouts

The wager multipliers that are spread at the bottom determine how much the player will win if the ball hits on them (for example – if the ball lands in a 4X pocket, the player will be paid out four times his/her stake that game round). They are arranged according to color, with low multipliers in green, mid multipliers in yellow, and high multipliers in orange, and also spread from smallest to biggest from the center moving sideways. The numbered pockets and payouts will adjust when the player changes the number of lines and risk level.

Is There a Working Plinko Betting Strategy?

While some games of chance have strategy involved, Plinko does not. This is due to the fact that Plinko is not a skill-based game. Apart from adjusting the risk level and choosing the numbers of the lines, there aren’t really any Plinko betting strategies that the gambler could use to maximize his/her gain while playing.

Popular Plinko Game Variants

Plinko has a limited number of variations due to its straightforward game principles.

  • BGaming Plinko –this variation could be found in almost every crypto casino. The game allows players to hit up to a 1,000x multiplier.
  • BGaming Plinko XY – Similar to BGaming Plinko, but with distinctive artwork and bright colors.
  • JacksClub Plinko – Players can still win a 1000x payout if all goes well.
  • Plinko – The maximum payoff for the game is 1,000 times the bet, and the player can set up to 16 rows.
  • PlingoBall – With this variation, the player can set winning pockets from 10 to 16 rows and win up to 500 times his wager.

Plinko Slot Mobile Version

You can play Plinko on mobile as well (any Android or iOS device). There’s no demand to download an app. The Plinko slot mobile version has all the same features, soundtrack, and betting options as the desktop version.

Plinko Demo Gameplay

We always recommend to start playing a new game with a demo version, as this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game and different settings. Plinko has its own free play mode that you can enjoy. Just load it up, read the instructions and try your luck in the simulator! 

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