ONLINE KENO – Variations, Glossary, History

The difference between Online Keno variations is normally small. The games vary with the amount of numbers drawn, amount of chosen numbers and prices. The basic Keno is played with 80 numbers. Depending on the casino, players try to match the numbers with the 20 numbers drawn. Different casinos offer different probabilities so it is good to look into their probability charts and pay tables and choose the one that offers the best chances for winning. It is also good to get to know each variation’s rules before playing since there might sometimes be major differences, and loosing because of lack of knowledge might be very disappointing.

Mini Keno (40-Ball)

Most online keno games draw from a pool of 80 balls. This one draws from half that number.

Likewise, whereas a standard keno game draws 20 balls, this one only draws 10 in total.

While the payout structure will differ, all the other rules are the same.

The biggest benefit for players of Mini Keno is quicker rounds, which ‌allows for more games per hour.

Power Keno

There is an interesting change to the game rules in Power Keno.

Rather than winning standard rewards for matching between 2 and 10 numbers from the 20 balls drawn from 80, the player can win up to 4x multiplier if the last ball drawn is one of his/her picks. If this is a 80-ball Keno game the chances of matching the last ball are 1 in 80.

And since the player don’t have to pay extra for a side bet, it’s worth playing this game.

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Bonus Spot Keno

While many variations Keno like to leave it to the final ball to award multipliers, Bonus Spot Keno does it the other way around. The first ball of the 20 balls drawn from a basket of 80 is the ‘Bonus Spot’, which, depending on the online casino, will award a multiplier of between 4x and 10x. 

Progressive Jackpot Keno

Just like slots, some keno games also have progressive jackpots.

There are a few different progressive jackpot Keno games online.

Depending on the game, there are several ways to win the progressive jackpot – it could be random, or it could be for matching 10 on a 10-pick card.

In any case, progressive jackpot keno may cost you more to play and may require a side bet, but you could win six figures or more if you get lucky.

Live Dealer Keno

Evolution, the multiple award-winning live casino software provider, was the first to bring a live dealer variation of Keno with the introduction of Mega Ball.

This is a keno/lotto hybrid game, but it works the same way all keno games do—matching numbers drawn from a ball machine. In this variation, an air machine draws 20 pools from a tombola containing 51.

The twist with this variation is that the last ball (the Mega Ball) will have a multiplier of between 5x and 100x attached.

If the Mega Ball completes a line, you stand to win up to 1,000,000x your stake!

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Keno Glossary

  • Autopick – The game function which randomly selects numbers for you on the online keno card.
  • Balance – The amount of money available for betting on the game.
  • Balls – These are used to represent the numbers drawn and relate to the numbered boxes in the game.
  • Bet – The amount of money placed for one or multiple rounds of keno online.
  • Catch – The numbers you selected which match the ones from the keno drawing.
  • Draw – The process in which 20 numbers are randomly selected in a keno round.
  • Multiplier – A rate by which the payouts are increased.
  • Number – One of the 80 available options for betting on the online keno card.
  • Odds – The probability of matching numbers or winning during a keno round.
  • Online Keno Card – The grid with 80 keno numbers on which the game is played.
  • Payout – The prizes you receive for matching numbers.
  • Payout Chart – The table which shows the available prizes based on how many numbers you selected.
  • Pick – Selecting numbers from the card for the next keno draw.
  • Quick Pick – A function which provides a fast selection of random numbers for a quick keno game.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) – The software used to ensure that keno results are fair and random.
  • Spot – One or multiple numbers on the online keno card selected by you.

KENO History

Keno is a game that can trace its history as far back to Ancient China. It is even rumored that a Keno-like game helped fund the building of the Great Wall of China. The lottery style game was introduced to North America by Chinese workers who played the game as a diversion from their day jobs building railroads. It’s an exciting and simple game which has been a part of gambling in Las Vegas since the early 1900’s. Now, like many other games of chance formerly found only in casinos, Keno has also become a staple of internet gambling sites where it is enjoyed by players from around the world.

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