How To Hit 500X On Lightning Roulette ? How Often Does 500X Hits On Lightning Roulette ?


How to hit 500X on Lightning Roulette ?

If you have ever tried the Lightning Roulette, you have probably asked yourself about the possibility of hitting the 500X. How to hit 500X on Lightning Roulette ? Keep reading and find the answer below…

So what actually makes the Evolution’s Lightning Roulette different from the classic ones? The answer is the so-called Lightning Strikes that allows the player to increase the Straight payouts up to the respecting 500X

Lightning Strikes have turned Lightning Roulette from just another new version of Roulette into a total game-changer and have made the game into a must have at every Live Casino.

How do Lightning Strikes work at Lightning Roulette?

For every spin, 1 to 5 single numbers on the table are turned into Lightning Strikes. Their payout could be increased by up to 500X, instead of the usual 36X payout. The following Lightning Strikes (that actually multiplies the bet) that are available are 50X, 100X, 150X, 200X, 250X, 300X, 350X, 400X and 500X.

That means that Lightning Roulette allows you to get huge payouts if your chosen number is a Lightning Strike AND the Roulette wheel stops on your selected number.

Of course, the higher Lightning Strikes like the 400X and the 500X are more rare than, the lower Lightning numbers like 50X or 100X.

So the big question is how often the highest multiplier of 500X that multiplies your total bet on a single number 500:1 is really paid out?

And of course let’s not forget about the other multipliers as well?

The only way to find out was getting the idea by personal experience, so we counted them, like thousand times. That test took more than 15 hours. So now we are happy to share the results with you.

One of the main questions is how often does a number you have picked, getting a lightning strike? We played ten sessions of 100 spins with real money.  After 1,000 spins, we counted how often each of the multipliers (50X to 500X) have get a lightning multiplier. Our test result is based on betting on just one number, every spin. Below is listed the result of our real money test:

How to hit 500X on Lightning Roulette ?

The conclusion from these results shows that:

The 50X  Lightning Strike hit 1,024 times out of the 1,000 spins. On average, just over one per spin.

The 100X Lightning Strike struck 1,037 times. Also, just above once per spin, on average.

The 500X Lightning Strike lit up 90 times, which is once every 11 spins.

Lightning Strikes of 150X and 200X hit more often than the 500X: once every six spins for the 150X Lightning Strike and once every four spins for the 200X.

Lightning Strikes of 250X, 300X, 350X, 400X and 450X are the least common.

The good news is that the Lightning Strike of 500X hits more often than these numbers!

So the final words could look like that: the possibility that your number does not hit a Lightning Strike is 92.85%.

The 500X Lightning Strike will land on your chosen number in 0,24% of all spins if you are playing one number at a time.

Here comes and the next logical question – what are your chances of winning from Lightning numbers?

To get a Lightning Strike Win, you need to succeed in the next 2 rounds:

  1. Your chosen number to be among the Lightning ones.
  2. The ball needs to land in the pocket of your number.

To make it clear let’s take for example the Lightning number of 500X is “8,” and the wheel spins the ball in the “17” pocket. In that case your win is 0. You only get the Lightning Strike multiplier if the ball lands in the “8” pocket.

Here is the list of chances to win a multiplier of 50X up to 500X your staked amount on a single number.

How to hit 500X on Lightning Roulette ?

Now, for the big question: how often will you, on average, win the 500X Lighting Strike?

How many spins will it take you to win the highest multiplier in the game if you bet on just one number?

According our research based on the experiment we made, If you bet on one number, you will win the 500 x Lightning Strike once in every 15,211 spins.

The good news is that chances are a lot better than actually being hit by lightning. The disadvantage is that it might take a while.

Once in every 15,211 spins, you can, on average base, expect to get paid out the exclusive 500X Lightning Strike.

The nice thing about here is that you actually can increase these chances by betting on more numbers at the same time. Lightning Roulette offers a minimum bet size of $0.20 per number, so you can bet multiple numbers at the same time without damaging your bankroll too much.

To increase the fun as it is always so much fun when you win, we recommend you to bet on, for example 5 or 10 or even 20 numbers at the same time with equal bet. In that case, winning these spectacular prizes occur much more often. That actually increases your chances of getting a bigger wins with Lightning Roulette.

The table below shows the chances of winning huge prizes increase by a mile if you play 10 numbers or 20 numbers at the same time.

Winning the award of 500X will be hit once every 47 spins on average bases if you bet on 20 numbers per round.

Just be notified that this strategy’s RTP is around 97.1%.

How to hit 500X on Lightning Roulette ?

So from all described above there are some main spots deserves your attention.

Basically Lightning Roulette has the advantage of awarding much larger prizes, compared to classic Roulette.

It is possible to win up to 500X your bet on a single number, compared to 36X when you play Standard Roulette. Lightning Roulette makes your game much more exciting as a result of these huge multipliers.

If you bet, one number at a time, you need to be patient to get the massive win of 500X  that comes once in every 15 000 spins. If you bet on, let’s say, 10 or 20 numbers simultaneously, expect to get much more great wins!

Don’t forget the fact based on our research from practice, that prizes of 100X or 200X are much more frequent and are also very profitable. The idea of sharing all this is to advice you not to focus on the multiplier of 500X only.

Lightning Roulette has a minimum stake of $0.20. If you bet on 5 numbers, the stake is $1.00 only.

Another great advantage that makes that game so great is the upwards potential and low risk.

So we at have the pleasure to highly recommend Lightning Roulette as a definitely must try and be put in the top list of Live shows.

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