Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold

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Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold Slot Machine

Tombs and forgotten structures aren’t interesting to everyone, but for those that want some adventure with their online gaming, they’re hard to beat. Up for your approval today is the 5 reels of Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold, a slot machine from the developers of Playson. This simple 3×5 matrix has a basic but pleasing interface that promises low to medium variance; so far we’re off to a steady but decent start.

When we move further along and take a closer look, we discover that this is one of the brand’s smaller titles, with the paytable holding nothing more than free spins and money. Not that those two components are bad, just that it’s rather limited when it comes to diversity; bonus features are all the rage with gamers, so the more titles that include them the better. Nonetheless, we’ll make do with what we’ve got in front of us, and will punt that starting fee of 0.27, if to do nothing more than to see what the grid holds beyond its looks.

Eye See You

The Eye of Horus is seen inside the gameplay of many online slots, for Egypt seems to stir up emotions inside of us that we can’t begin to explain. It’s the destination of adventure, mystery, danger, and exoticism – all the aspects that we often feel are missing from our everyday lives. Taking all of this into account, is it any wonder that the matrix ensures that such a valuable tile takes on such a notable form…?

This bonus feature icon needs to be matched in either a three, four or five grouping, with the highest number of matches resulting in the highest payout, as much as 9,000 credits. However, what the combination won’t change is the number of extra spins you get, for they’ll always stay at 10 per feature trigger. If you’re looking to get more mileage out of this special, then you’ll need to match another three or so eyes to activate additional spins.

How Much?!

When it comes to the reels of this online title, we have to let you in on a secret: the more you gamble the better your monetary gain. The reason for this? Well that’s to do with how the paytable symbols have been interlinked with the betting system; when you bet low, the payouts resemble that safe gamble. Whereas when you’re brave and go all in, the money you can stand to gain doubles, even triples, to more dizzying heights.

Playson isn’t the first brand to do this, for Novomatic is another that really enjoys implementing this format. We can’t say we’re overly fond of it, for we feel that it limits the gameplay for certain users. If you’re someone who can’t afford to play like a high roller, you stand to gain little in the way of returns; only by betting the max of 45 coins will you get the keys to greatness. Though even then you have the medium to high level of volatility to contend with.

Hello, Mummy

If you’re looking to try out other real cash slots that fall into the Ancient Egypt category, you’re going to be a happy camper as there’s plenty out there. Even though there’s many to choose from, we’ve managed to pinpoint one activity that we feel that you’ll enjoy: Mummy Gold. True, the title isn’t that original, but it certainly grabs your attention.

But what does that grabbed attention get you, in terms of gameplay and money? Well it can get you quite a bit thanks to the multipliers that are connected to the free games. This isn’t going to be a big title to get your hands on because it’s similar in design to Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold, and therefore designed only to be a filler.

Seeking Treasure

We started this adventure because we wanted a good return, and while we can definitely get that with the cash prizes of Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold, we still don’t rate this slot too highly. It lacks a lot of impact, both gameplay wise and visually, leaving it extremely lacklustre and, at times, boring. Come on, Playson, we know that you can do better than that!

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