Tetris Super Jackpots

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Tetris Super Jackpots Slot Machine

One of the most famous video games of all time, and perhaps the most famous game to come out of the Soviet Union, Tetris has delighted millions of players for more than three decades. Created by Alexey Pajitnov, it became a worldwide hit in which pieces with four segments each – known as tetrominoes – fall into a grid, with the goal being to make complete lines that will disappear from the screen. The more lines you make, the longer you’ll last, with the game only ending when your stack of pieces reaches the top.

The joy of this popular puzzle game has been ported over to Tetris Super Jackpots by WMS, one of the latest casino slot machines released by the developer. In the game, players will be able to interact with the same pieces that they’ve become familiar with in the video game version, sometimes even in ways that will help them earn prizes. While the gameplay is simple, the theme and a few entertaining twists will make this a favorite for many gamblers.

Building Blocks

The Tetris Super Jackpots video slot is one of the more colorful casino slot machines that you’ll see on the gaming floor. Just like in the video game, you’ll see blocks of all different colors, and the logo is also designed in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. A grid design can be seen behind the reels on the tall extended screen, with animated pieces constantly floating down behind the game. The graphics don’t need to be particular complex given the simple theme, but they’re still sharp and attractive.

The game is played in a penny slots format, with players able to bet as few as 50 coins in order to gain access to the full range of winning possibilities. That makes it ideal for low limit players, though there are enough denominations and betting levels offered to please high limit gamblers as well. Since this is a live slot, however, there is no play for free option: the only way to try out this title is to plunk down some real cash and test it out for yourself.

Making Lines

The Tetris Super Jackpots video slot is a five reel game that uses a traditional 3×5 layout. However, it doesn’t use the standard payline structure, instead going for an all ways format. That means there are 243 ways to win, as any left to right matching combination can score a prize. As usual, you’ll be looking to combine identical symbols to score wins, with three or more in a row necessary to earn a prize.

Interestingly, this machine uses an incredibly simple pay table, with only three levels of prizes offered. The smallest payouts come from the card rank icons, ranging from jacks through aces, and all earning the same prizes. Next up are four of the common tetrominoes, which again all offer the same payouts in the middle of the pay table. The lone high-paying symbol is the four-line, a favorite of Tetris players around the globe. Hit five in a row, and you’ll earn 200 coins (multiplied by your bet multiplier, as usual).

Clearing the Stack

This is one of the few machines we’ve played in a long time that doesn’t include wild symbols on the main set of reels. However, there are still some special features that can increase your odds of winning. The key one is the Tetrimino Feature, which will have one of the seven pieces from the video game land somewhere on or above the reels. Wherever it should land – and in whatever rotation it decides to do so – it will fill those spaces with the associated icon. Should this happen above the reels, this will also add additional symbol locations, increasing the number of winning ways available to you on that spin.

There are also scatter symbols that can earn you some free games. Hit three scatters on the same spin, and you’ll trigger a bonus round in which you’ll get 10 free spins, each of which comes with an added perk. Every single game will feature a falling Tetrimino, giving you more chances to earn prizes. In addition, the scatters will be replaced by wild symbols that can substitute for any of the normal icons in order to complete winning lines.

Given the name of this machine, you’ve probably already figured out that there are some jackpots you can win as well. The major and minor jackpot amounts are displayed above the reels, and progressively increase after every bet. Either one may be randomly awarded at the end of every spin, with your odds of winning increasing if you make larger bets.

The Final Score

If, like so many of us, you’ve been a fan of building up stacks of blocks for decades now, you’ll definitely want to play Tetris Super Jackpots. For mainstream gamblers, this particular machine might feel very simple: there are few features, making the gameplay a bit repetitive when you compare it to other recent offerings. But there are enough cute touches (like the falling blocks that add extra positions) to keep things interesting, and any fan of the long running video game series will want to check this one out.

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