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Taiga Slot Machine

Discover the Taiga wilderness in this slot machine by Playson Software which will take you deep into the heart of untamed nature. So, if you are after some peace and quiet, and perhaps a few winning spins, then this 5-reel, 20-payline game might just be the one for you. Deep in this swampy forest landscape, players will come across some wild animals and nourishing fruit symbols, as well as a stacked wild symbol and some bonus free spins.

Eye of the Taiga

There are slot machines out there that will take you all over the globe, to the middle of the desert, to the bottom of the sea, even to the arctic ice caps. But few games have taken on the magnificence of the Taiga – a huge expanse of marshy woodland which stretches across vast areas of Canada and Russia.

Luckily for us, this slot machine game takes place during the summer season in the Taiga and the whole place is alive with delicious fruits and little critters giving the game more of an animal theme. For example, whenever you spin the reels, you will forage some edible treats like acorns, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, apples and mushrooms. Plus, you will also come across some industrious creatures like squirrels, polecats, foxes, and wolves. And that’s not all, because these lands are ruled by two ferocious beasts – a brown bear and a Siberian tiger.

The Bonus of the Beast

Even though those two beasts may be the last animals that you would want to bump into on a woodland stroll, these icons actually offer some special bonus action. For example, the brown bear icon is the game’s wild symbol, meaning that it will fill in for other symbols to make winning sequences. What’s more, this wild bear tends to appear stacked on the reels so it could potentially unlock multiple different winning combinations at once.

The only icon in the game that won’t be substituted by the bear is the Siberian Tiger. This is the slot machine’s scatter symbol and, although it doesn’t offer any payout value on its own, it will trigger a series of 5 free spins with doubled wins whenever three or more appear anywhere on the screen.

Wild Prizes

As you spin your way through this verdant and vivacious landscape, you will start to pick up wins by matching identical reel symbols on the active paylines. You can play with anywhere between 1 and 20 lines with bet per line options which range from 1 to 20 credits. That makes for a rather beastly maximum bet of 400 credits per spin.

This could potentially become a 20,000-credit prize because the wild bear symbol with pay out a line bet multiplier worth 1,000x whenever five appear in a row on a payline. However, the other symbols don’t offer quite so big rewards. In fact, the next most lucrative prize is a 400x line bet multiplier that is given for five wolves or foxes, followed by 205x for five polecats or squirrels. Five mushrooms or apples will reward 150x and the remaining fruit icons all pay no more than 100x.

Bet with a Bear

Those payout values are somewhat underwhelming in comparison with other Playson slot machines. However, punters can double every win, giving them the chance to dramatically boost their betting balance. This gamble game can be triggered after every successful spin, or round of free spins, and it will take players to a new screen where a big brown bear is waiting. Don’t worry, because he won’t eat you, but he will try to take your prize off you by asking you to pick a higher card than the one which he has chosen. If you guess a higher card value then you will double the win from the qualifying spin, but if you guess a lower card then the bear will take all your winning prize money (what a bear needs money for, we do not know!).

Nature in All Its Glory

Regardless of what this slot machine pays in prizes, it still serves up a very enjoyable playing experience. That is because the game is so vividly presented in great detail to emulate the Taiga environment. Every mossy knoll and wisp of fog is clear and crisp while birds chirp over pleasantly cheerful music, helping spinners to truly experience the wonders of nature.

A Different Slot Destination

This is a unique little slot machine which will take players to see one of the lesser known wildernesses of the world. Forget about hot deserts and tropical jungles, and instead explore the dramatic landscape of the Taiga where big beasts and little critters live in harmony. If you aren’t convinced try it in free play mode today.