Space Lights

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Space Lights Slots

Do you remember the movie Tron? You should do – Tron: Legacy came out in 2010 as a slick sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic. Space Lights is a 5-reel slot from Playson that takes all its clues from the latest Tron film, complete with neon-lit symbols and other shapes that appear to hover in space.

Think Daft Punk in their robot suits. Think clubbers daubed in UV paint. Think jellyfish that glow in the dark. These are the images that Space Lights conjures. The effect is one that’s strangely mesmerizing. On the one hand, there’s not a lot going on here: just a few neon shapes floating against a blue background. And yet the game looks so damn good. Sometimes, less really is more.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Spin

Space Lights is a new release from Playson. A 15-line, 5-reel slot, the game allows players to “discover the universe”, primarily by spinning reels repeatedly and seeing what sort of symbols show up. Respins and sticky wilds keep things fresh, while bonus prizes grant instant wins when you combine certain combos on the reels.

The regular wild symbol, a neon yellow icon, is housed within a hexagonal frame, while the sticky wild is V-shaped, with a 7-sided block above it. The difference between these two symbols is obvious when you see them on screen, put it that way.

Uncluttered Controls

Playson have wisely elected to keep things uncluttered in Space Lights, allowing the dark background to dominate instead of filling the dashboard with over-sized buttons and display data. With no frame around the reels, the shapes are instead left to hang, as if suspended from invisible thread. It’s a look that’s in keeping with the space theme, giving the game depth and keeping distractions to a minimum.

The controls located beneath the reels include a discrete “i” symbol which opens up pay table information. The bet per spin can be set at anywhere from 15 to 3,000, providing plenty of scope for flexibility. However you’d like to play, conservatively or freely, you can set the stake to suit your budget – or rather your willingness to risk it all in the pursuit of winning it all.


The auto play controls are detailed, allowing all manner of variables to be tweaked. The number of auto spins can be set at anywhere 5 to 999. If you can afford to play 999 spins at 3,000 a pop, you’re probably rich enough not to care whether you lose the lot playing Space Lights. More prudent players will appreciate the stop loss option that’s built in to auto play and the single win limit option.

How to Win at Space Lights

Every time you spin the reels, a hovering UFO effect called portal will be activated above one reel at random. This can lead to special bonuses and symbols, including the appearance of sticky wilds or the triggering of Space Light mode. When this happens, a sticky wild symbol will trigger a respin. When the active reel has willed with sticky wild symbols, you’ll receive a prize.

The way in which the bonuses work in Space Lights is actually quite complex. There are various rules outlining the circumstances in which different wilds and symbols are triggered.

While these are described at length in the pay table information section, you’re best playing the game – in demo mode if necessary – and getting a feel for the game rather than attempting to memorize arcane rules. For example, you’ll win a bonus prize when an active reel is filled with sticky wilds. That’s easy enough to grasp. But the value of the bonus prize is calculated by multiplying the value of the counter by the bonus prize multiplier by the bet. Huh?

Space Lights Summed Up

Space Lights is a 5-reel slot that looks epic thanks to the beautiful graphics and vibrant electric colors. The game has some highly creative bonus features and wilds built in. Its only downfall is that the workings of the game are unnecessarily complex, making it hard to memorize the many ways in which you can win from spinning the reels of Space Lights.