Power joker

Power Joker Slot

Novomatic are without doubt a developer on a hot streak, as 5-star game after 5-star game seems to emerging from the company’s studios and stocked at a variety of the world’s safe online casinos. The latest game to arrive direct from the Novomatic team is Power Joker, a title that is design to keep players on their toes. Featuring two reels and an intriguing UI, there is no denying that this game will generate player interest as it finds its footing within the online casino landscape.

Considering that the joker theme has been done countless times over the years, does Power Joker have what it takes to stand out from the surrounding pack?

Dual Reels And Increased Power

The two separate game reels found within Power Joker, will certainly give players a feeling of power. The screen on top is where the base mode gameplay takes place. The screen underneath is the game’s Supermeter mode. When the base mode is being used, players can choose to bet on up to five of the paylines on screen. Bets placed can be as small as two coins or as large as 1,000 coins. In the base mode players win money if they get three matching symbols on the reels in one spin. As you can gather from all of the aforementioned, Power Joker really is a basic game on the surface.

Ride The Supermeter!

If a player wins less than 2,000 coins on their spin, the win is transferred from the base mode reels to the Supermeter mode reels. During this mode, five paylines are activated and players can bet anywhere from 20 to 100 coins per spin. Only when players bet in Supermeter mode do they have a chance at winning the game’s progressive jackpot.

Like any other feature in an online slot game, the Supermeter mode feature certainly isn’t endless, even if it may seem like it at times. Since all winnings accumulated during one session of gameplay are transferred to Supermeter, the end occurs when players win a certain amount of money, maxing out in the process. However, given the size of a progressive jackpot win, any money won through such means cannot be transferred to Supermeter mode, which is fairly understandable.

Information Overload

The game screen may be busy, but it provides players with all the information that they need in order to learn the game and get as much out of it as possible. Novomatic has made sure that no player is left feeling lost, learning from prior game criticism, by ensuring that Power Joker has a manageable and adaptable learning curve for players new to how slots work.

Laughable Lack Of Bonus Features

Though Power Joker stands out from the competition thanks to its unique Supermeter mode, the game is sorely lacking in the additional features. Features that players have largely come to expect in their favorite online slot games. Power Joker not only fails to award players free spins, but the game doesn’t even have a wild symbol. Quite frankly, any momentum created through the impressive Supermeter mode is hampered by the fact that Novomatic has neglected bonus elements entirely.

Classic Play With A ‘Joker’ Twist

It may not look like it, but Power Joker is essentially a classic slot machine with some modern twists. It features the standard fruits used as symbols and throws in a joker for good measure, as well as a gold bell. The game’s joker gives players plenty of food for thought, as when triggered it unlocks a mystery win. At any point during the game the joker triggers and selects a cash prize for players.

Unleash The Power Of The Joker

Novomatic has created many online slot machine games but few offer the interesting gameplay that Power of Joker does. This game gives players a sense of accomplishment as they continue to fill the supermeter, often motivating them to keep playing. There is so much to see and do on the game screen and that is one major selling point for Power of Joker. While far from the relaxing game that some players are looking for, this one is exciting enough to make a name for itself in the months to come. Though it was created strictly for online casinos, you can see that it may have a future in land-based casinos given its subject matter.

Is Power Joker the perfect example of online slot gaming? Not really. Is Power Joker a fun game to play? Absolutely. Every player can enjoy this title, whether it is for a few minutes or hours at a time. It may not tick all the boxes, but there is no denying that Power Joker is an enjoyable online casino game despite its clear lack of bonus features.