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OMG! Puppies Slot Machine

Everyone loves dogs. Okay, not everyone: there are cat people and those who just don’t enjoy spending time with animals in general, but we think that even most of these people would agree that our canine friends are an important and ubiquitous part of the lives of millions and millions of individuals and families around the world. And who doesn’t enjoy a few cute doggie pictures – especially when they’re babies?

That’s the sentiment that powers OMG! Puppies, a canine-themed slot machine that was developed by Williams for land-based casinos. Along with its sister slot, OMG! Kitties (Williams clearly had those cat people in mind, too), these machines took the brick-and-mortar world by storm, quickly gaining immense popularity throughout the casino world. Now, the puppy version of this machine is also available on the Internet through the Play4Fun Network, allowing a whole new group of players to enjoy this title as a social casino experience.

A Doggone Hit

OMG! Puppies is a five-reel, 50 line game that was built on the 5×4 engine that powers many Williams games. This engine is just what the name sounds like: there are five reels, each with four symbol locations, providing a slightly large but otherwise standard configuration on the screen.

As in most slots games, the object here is to match your identical symbols from left to right across your active paylines. There are all sort of puppy-themed objects that serve as matches here, from biscuits and collars to fire hydrants and water bowls.

Of course, no game with this name would be complete without the dogs themselves. With names like Coco, Spike, Lady, and Maxx, these adorable pups come as expanded symbols that are large enough to fill the entire screen. Essentially, these are stacked icons; however, they will always cover the entire reel, ensuring that you never feel like you just missed a big score.

These little guys are all good doggies, but the best may be Maxx, who serves as a wild. He can connect with any other symbol (including the other canines) in order to help you score even bigger and more exciting wins.

A Special Treat

There’s only really one special feature in this machine, but it’s a doozy. If you can manage to hit four dogs on the first four reels, followed by the Free Spins logo on the fifth reel, you’ll win your way into a bonus round filled with free plays. As a base, you’ll get five free spins with a normal 1x multiplier, but this quickly adds up. Every Lady in your triggering combination adds more spins, while Spike increases the multiplier and Coco adds a reward for scatter symbols. Maxx can randomly increase any of these factors, once again making him a particularly special puppy.

If even all of these perks fails to give you a particularly lucrative special feature, don’t fret – you’re still in for a treat. There is a 10x bonus guarantee, ensuring that even if things go badly, you’ll come out way ahead each time you trigger this feature.

This One’s For the Dogs

It shouldn’t take a genius to understand why this particular game has become so popular. The screen is constantly filled with adorable images of dogs, enough to melt the heart of even the steeliest slots veteran. Who can stop playing when one of the little guys or girls is looking at you with those sad eyes?

As for the game itself, it’s a pretty standard machine, with few special features. However, the free spins game is still a fun and potentially lucrative feature, and we liked that the puppies themselves played into the exact nature of this round – it helped give each one a bit of a personality in game.

If you’re looking for a really complex, feature-rich slot, then this might not be your top choice. But for most players – and especially those who love their pets and simply can’t get enough of them – OMG! Puppies will be a wonderful way to play, providing laughs, fun, and entertainment…and maybe even a few big wins along the way.