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Munchkins Slots

There are thousands of casino slot games out there, so a law of averages will tell you that it is impossible for many of them to be good. While there are games that are fantastic, there sure are plenty that are borderline average, with some even being labeled as terrible. Thankfully, we have a game on our hands right now that firmly falls into the former category. Thinking outside of the box, Microgaming has developed Munchkins, a game that will certainly be a surprise package in the eyes of many.

Prior to release, it is safe to say that Munchkins has players talking, but does it really have what it takes to live up to Microgaming’s massive reputation? There really is only way to find out!

Don’t Feed the Munchkins

It’s strange to call a game hungry, but that’s really what Munchkins proves to be. These munchkins are very mischievous and quite hungry, as many things on this slot game have a big chunk bitten out of them. These munchkins have eaten some part of everything from car keys, wallets, homework, and even the letter and number symbols too.

The title banner wasn’t spared either. You can see a munchkin took a chunk out of the “S” as the teeth marks all over the bottom part of it. Generally speaking, Munchkins as a game looks great.

The focus is completely on the reels as it takes most of the screen. In an odds twist, there is no background in this game and we like that Microgaming was bold enough to take such a braze approach.

Organised Chaos

The user interface of Munchkins is one of the best around, as it is organised perfectly, with there being no wasted space on screen. Everything feels right where it should be, which makes it very intuitive. You can see four displays on the bottom of the screen. From the left to right, they are lines, coins, bet, and win. You can use select lines; select coins, bet max, and spin buttons that are found under the reels in order to make changes within the game. If you want to make a specific bet, you can look the left of these displays to see a coin. This coin shows the bet amount and under it are the two buttons you can use in order to increase or decrease the bet. On the far left, there is the total balance display, which will keep you informed of your progress in this slot game.

Listen to the Crickets

This casino slot is a five-reel slot with 15 paylines. The reels spin fluidly and the action is quick to say the very least. However, the game proves to be very peaceful at heart, as you can hear crickets chirping, adding a sense of calmness to proceedings. That calm is often interrupted by some comical horns that are played when a scatter symbol lands. If you manage to land three scatters, you will be awarded with 20 free spins. You can win free spins during your free spins too by landing three more scatters.

Wild Little Critters

There is also a wild symbol that helps you by completing your active paylines. These wild symbols, when combined with the high amount of paylines in Munchkins, insure that you will be winning in a variety of ways no matter how you play.

Big Risk, Big Reward

If you feel like taking a risk, you have the option of playing a gamble game for double or nothing. The gamble game works by having a card face down. You will have to guess the colour of the face down card correctly in order to win. You can then collect your winnings or double down again to win even more, should you have the nerve to really go for it all.

Embrace the Madness of Munchkins!

This slot is one of the better slots out there and can rightfully be labeled as underrated. It has a very strong foundation within a very fun design. There are not many games that take the liberty to “attack” its own slot but Munchkins does just that with a ravishing desire. If you want to play an online slots game that is willing to push the boundaries then this is the slot game for you, as it really does live up to Microgaming’s fantastic reputation.

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