Monopoly Once Around Deluxe

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Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Slots

If you’ve ever considered dabbling in the property market, but haven’t got the money for it, then fear not because Monopoly Once Around Deluxe, the slot title from Williams Interactive that is based on the popular board game, allows you to do just that. This is the second Monopoly game to be released by WMS following on from the much loved Super Monopoly Money slot released early in 2015.

Much of what unfolds on screen will be familiar to players who have enjoyed a game or two over the years, and the good news is that Monopoly Once Around Deluxe won’t descend into petty arguments with friends and family.

With five reels and three rows offering 15 paylines, players have a whole bunch of main game symbols to try and spin three or more of, as well as two scatters, a wild and a bonus. That bonus symbol in particular is one to look out for, as it is this which triggers the lucrative Once Around/Twice Around bonus feature (more on that later).

Pick Your Piece

There are stacks of symbols to get your head around in Monopoly Once Around Deluxe. Let’s start where all good stories start, at the beginning, with three of the popular board game’s pieces: the Dog, the Boot and the Car. At the bottom level these pay out for mixing any three, four or five on a payline. Based on a 0.01 stake, you will earn 0.10, 0.30 and 0.70 for spinning three or more.

But that’s not the end of the story for these three characters as they pay out some decent prizes for spinning them exclusively in a trio, quad or full five. The Boot earns 0.20, 0.75 and 5.00, the Dog earns 0.40, 1.00 and 6.00 and the Car earns 0.50, 1.25 and 7.00 for spinning three, four or five respectively on a winning line.

You may remember the two utility symbols from the Monopoly board game – Water and Electricity – and these pay 0.10 for spinning three, 0.50 for four and 1.00 for the full five.

The great news about Free Parking is that not only can you park for free, you will also be paid for the privilege. That’s 0.15, 0.50 and 1.50 for three to five to be precise.

Choo choo! All aboard the train through to payout station. The Railway Station, a mainstay of the board game, earn the same denominations as Free Parking.

The final pair of main game symbols are the Ring and the Dice; the former pays at a rate of 0.15, 0.75 and 2.00, while the latter earns 0.05 for matching two symbols plus 0.10, 0.50 and 2.50 for three, four or five respectively.

Take a Chance

There are not one but two scatters in Monopoly Once Around Deluxe – the Chance card and Community Chest. Both pay out at a fantastic rate: 0.75, 3.00 and 30.00 for spinning three, four or five on your reels.

The wild is the Monopoly Man himself. He offers two functions: 1) paying some awesome prizes (from 2.00 for three up to 200.000 for five), and 2) he substitutes for all other game symbols apart from the scatters and the bonus to ensure you return some superb winning combinations.

Board Meeting

Three or more of the Bonus symbol triggers the Once Around Deluxe bonus round. Here you will be asked to select the piece that you want to guide around the Monopoly board. Simply roll the dice and watch as your token makes his or her way around the board. If your roll means that you advance past Go, then you will earn the relevant prize and the bonus round ends.

But if your roll of the dice leaves your token sitting on Go, then you will trigger the Twice Around Deluxe feature. This special feature can also be triggered by landing on a Chance or Community Chest in the main bonus round and picking up the card that says “Advance to Go”. All prizes in the Twice Around feature are subject to a 2x multiplier.

The Chance and Community Chest space reveal a card that can help you on your journey towards some great prizes. It could be a payout of 15-100x your bet, Advance to Go, Advance to Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square or Whitechapel Road, or move your token back to Old Kent Road (square one).

If you like to dabble in the property market then you can build houses or a hotel in the Once Around Deluxe bonus too. Should you then land on a square with a property on it you will earn one of five rent cheques, which pay in the region of 3x to 180x the side bet you place. The side bet is the amount it costs to build the house(s) or hotel. You can find out more about property payments by consulting the paytable.

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