Medusas gaze

Medusa’s Gaze Slot

Spin this mythologically styled slot machine by Playtech for some unique gameplay action and some big winning potential. There are effectively 8 reels in this gambling game, with a series of coloured blocks that spin around in rings of random combinations.

As for paylines, there are 12 in total because winning sequences are formed whenever three or more matched blocks appear in horizontal or vertical lines on the 4×8 grid. What’s more, each successful spin will set of a cascading blocks feature which awards increasingly lucrative multipliers for each consecutive win.

The legend of Medusa

Everyone knows that if you gaze into Medusa’s eyes then she will turn you into stone. We mean, all of that is obvious from the many stories from Greek antiquity that feature the monstrous Gorgon lady with live serpents for hair. That was until Perseus came along and defeated her with his mirrored shield. However, what the myths and legends failed to mention was the fact that Medusa spent her spare time hosting this fun and vibrant slot gambling game by Playtech software.

As players will soon discover, Medusa’s Gaze features the titular character at the very centre of the action, poking her head up to oversee the rotating reels of coloured blocks that are laid out before her. Graphically, this character is designed with 3D CGI style effects, similar to those used in console video games. Admittedly, the quality of the graphics is akin to a PlayStation 2 at best, but does help to give the game some sense of magic and peril, especially with all of those snakes which protrude from Medusa’ head and lean forward in the direction of the player.

A different way to spin

This “slot machine” – if you can call it by that name – works in quite a unique and special way. That is because spinners are presented with four rings of a spinning wheel which will settle in place after every spin to show 8 columns of multi-coloured blocks. If these blocks happen to fall into horizontal or vertical rows of three or more matching colours, then players will receive a multiplier prize that is applied to the value of their overall bet.

The range of stakes on offer starts from as little as 0.20 credits and rises in the following denominations: 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00, 50.00 and 100.00.

Cascading blocks

Once you get the hang of how Medusa’s Gaze works, you will realise that the slot machine is actually quite intuitive and straightforward to play. However, it does get a little but complicated with a special cascading blocks feature that kicks into play after every successful spin. That said, this minor complication has the potential to be incredibly rewarding.

So, whenever players line up a row of three or more matching blocks, Medusa will use your stony stare to turn them into rock and cause them to drop from the wheels. This will cause new blocks to slot into position from the left or right side of the game screen, potentially making new winning combinations without taking any wagers from the betting balance.

And that’s not even then most exciting part, because every time a new winning row of blocks in achieved, a multiplier will be increased by 1x. That means there is some very big winning potential behind every spin of the coloured discs.

Worth the risk?

If you are brave enough to enter into Medusa’s lair, then you will be sure to find some very entertaining spins. The best thing about this gambling game is the fact that it takes the tried and tested genre of Ancient Greece and gives it a retro arcade revamp with bright and bold coloured symbols, not to mention some new fangled gameplay. Plus, with a 10,000x total bet multiplier and a cascading blocks feature, Medusa’s Gaze is certainly worth the risk.