Lucky Pirates

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Lucky Pirates Slot Machine

Go on a seafaring adventure with this pirate-themed slot machine by Playson. There are 5 reels and 9 paylines in this novelty style fruit machine, giving players the chance to win up to 100,000 golden dubloons with every spin. However, because this game does take on a certain classic slot machine charm, it doesn’t have any big swashbuckling bonuses other than a simple wild and scatter symbol. That said, there is a gamble feature which allows punters to boost their wins in a double or nothing game of risk.

Sail the Seven Seas

This slot machine from Playson software combines vintage symbols with the theme of seafaring pirates to create a classic style game which will appeal to both novelty spinners and retro spinners alike. As such, you will find a merry bunch of fruity pirate characters, such as cherries with pirate’s earrings, an eye-patch wearing lemon, a plum with a bandanna, and a moustachioed watermelon. There is definitely no need to worry about catching the scurvy with all that fruit on board! This may not have the outright draw of big pirate games like Blackbeard’s Gold, but it does have some unique theme ideas.

There are some other retro icons accounted for, such as the star scatter symbol which is depicted buccaneering starfish and the lucky 7 symbol, represented as a pirate’s red parrot. The games wild symbol is shown as a golden coin and this particular “piece of eight” will link together all symbols apart from the star scatter to make winning combinations.

The Bounty on the Seas

Even though this is a 9-payline game, you might come across more winning combinations than you might expect. Because in truth, this slot machine pays for all adjacent symbols, going from right to left as well as left to right. You’ll even receive a winning prize for three matching icons on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Players can choose their wagers per line from the following options: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, and 20 credits. This does offer a somewhat limited range of scope, but it is possible to alter the number of paylines that are active. So, you could have all 9 paylines in play with a maximum line bet to spin for 180 credits. Or, you could play it extra safe with just 1 payline and minimum line bet to make a total spin of 1 credit.

Even if you were to play with 1 payline and a maximum line bet of 20, then you could still win the games biggest jackpot of 100,000 credits 9by lining up five lucky 7 parrot icons). However, the game does also feature a scatter symbol which offers a total bet multiplier up to 100x to turn a maximum stake of 180 credits into 18,000 smackers.

Walk the Gamble Plank

No matter how much you win with a spin, there is always a chance to double it with the Lucky Pirates gamble game. This simple side game presents punters with a higher or lower style card game. One card will be shown and players will simply have to choose one of four turned over cards to reveal a higher value. Guess correctly to double the win from the previous spin but guess wrong and you will lose it all.

Sound of the Sea

As with many slot machines from Playson, Lucky Pirates boasts some very good graphics. Which is a blessing since there isn’t much in the way of big bonus action to draw in the punters. Nonetheless, the comical characters and vivid display of an expansive seascape is attractive enough to make this game very entertaining to play. Plus, the use of animations to bring the fruit pirates to life is seamlessly accomplished, adding an extra element of novelty charm to the proceedings.

The slot machine also uses some Hawaiian style music along with the sound of waves and seagulls to help players escape on their blithesome maritime adventure.

Take to the Waves

If you are a retro slot machine fan who is a little bit tired of the same old fruit machine style games, then Lucky Pirates provides the perfect tonic. Because, despite the ostensible pirate-themed set-up, this 5-reel game is actually a classic slot machine at heart with its 9 paylines, fruity icons, and no-nonsense gameplay.