Hercules the immortal

Hercules the Immortal Slot

The son of Zeus is back with another out of this world experience, this time from the minds of RTG, a demi-god of the online slot industry. As fans of this seasoned company, which started out in 2009, we have slight bias towards everything they make; we think they can do little wrong. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be brutally honest with our thoughts on Hercules the Immortal.

Our initial thoughts were of frustration in all honesty, for we feel like the Ancient Greek and Roman circuit has been done to death. There are so many themed slots out there from this genre that you can barely move from the weight of them all. Yet still here we are, exploring the 25 winlines of this contemporary design. From what we can see so far, everything looks to be good – the graphics are in HD, the grid is of a generous size, and the paytable seems full but not too busy.

Just a Boy?

When we first took a look at the paytable, we were disheartened at seeing a return to the staple free games; after leaps and bounds in Gladiator Wars and El Luchador, we loathe to lose variance rather than gain it. However, then we realised that there was more to the feature than we first thought.

If you just skim the information, you believe that you’re get nothing more than a round of 10 games. That’s a fairly reasonable return for your money, but we want more, and more is what they give us in the form of Hercules Modifiers. We grant you that it sounds like some form of recreational drug, but it’s actually a godsend for this slot machine. By the way, the minimum bet here is 0.25, while the maximum goes to 125.00.

There’s four parts to this feature, though you may never experience any of them due to the random nature of the extra; it may never trigger. Fun times. But nonetheless, let’s press on ahead and see what we stand to gain.

  • Win Multiplier: This is one of the simpler elements of the Hercules Modifiers, and it involves being awarded a gift of anything from a x2 to a x10 multiplier.
  • Wild Explosion: Dramatic though it sounds, this feature is more low key, offering you the chance for a random icon to become wild. This in turn will transform all the other icons into wilds as well.
  • Wild Growth: The wilds are now taking up reels rather than random spots, and they will apply a x2 bonus on the wins you secure.
  • Metamorpha Wild: Again, this is yet another feature that focuses on wilds, only now as many as 15 can be added onto your reels. What makes it so different from the others is beyond us.

Like Father like Son

Hercules is a strong figure in mythology, but what about Zeus? Well he’s even more foreboding and of greater interest to many. Therefore we bring you the reels of Zeus III, made by WMS, a brand that some of you will recognise and may even regularly play with.

All we can say is that we wasn’t expecting such an unusual format for a 5-reel slot machine; rather than being 3×5, the matrix is 2x3x4x5x6, with a total of 192 winlines. Seeing as this is such a novel design, you won’t find too many features inside of the paytable, however what you get is a more textured experience than what RTG offers you. We think the two are great to play one after the other, for they’re similar and yet worlds apart.


Hercules the Immortal is an okay slot machine, and we mean that with sincerity; it does what it’s meant to and delivers you easy gaming. However, we feel that it doesn’t expand the RTG brand enough to make it one of their front runners, and so we’d suggest playing titles like Gladiator Wars instead.

If we were to rate our experience, we’d say it was an average one, which when translated into points would give the game three and a half stars. As is typical with the label, they’ve relied too heavily on good graphics and not placed enough importance on substance. When will they ever learn…!

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