Fruits of RA

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Fruits of Ra Slots

Craving for some simple slot rush without all the drama of complex features and intertwining storylines? If you are, then the ancient Egypt themed Fruits of Ra is probably going to strike your fancy really high and hard. Easy gameplay, modest payouts and more importantly, clean, clutter-free, pure slot experience are some of the biggest USPs of this slot.

So, are you ready to take the mighty Egyptian mythology head-on, horns-first?

Easy Come, Easy Stay!

Easy come and easy go is too old-fashioned! When we are talking about slots, at any rate, easy come and easy stay is a more profitable policy. Fruits of Ra seems to agree with it in fullness, as loading, understanding and playing this slot is just a matter of few moves.

But before we move on to the gameplay, let’s discuss the superficial qualities first. As far as appearances are concerned, Fruits of Ra seems to make a conscious effort of setting itself apart from the huge flock of basic penny slots that constantly vie for the attention of the same target players.

Sober colour scheme goes in with the theme nicely, and deep, well-thought-through sound effects make for a good user experience. While there’s nothing much to take one by storm here, there is nothing much to complain about, either.

Gameplay of Fruits of Ra: DéJà Vu?

Yes, you will be quite likely to have that eerie feeling of déjà vu while playing Fruits of Ra, especially if you have played other fruity slots by Playson. Fruits of the Nile is one slot that resembles Fruits of Ra in many, many aspects, and we have good reasons to believe that it’s not the only one!

Five standard reels and 5 paylines will decide the fate of each and every spin you take, either turning your wagers into fruitful payouts or just busting them clean and clear down the drain.

Talking of wagers, it is worth mentioning that Playson allows players to put at stake as many as 20 coins per payline per spin. This means that if one is ready and willing, they can wager up to 100 coins per spin! In a slot like Fruits of Ra where high variance accounts for high volatility, such heavy coin numbers pose a unique conundrum for players. As always, wagering in moderation is the best (and perhaps, the only) solution to this.

An Exclusively Fruity Delight

Being a fruity slot, classic fruits of slot gaming are to be expected to hog much of the limelight here. Oranges, peaches, plums, watermelons, grapes all come together in a harmony that is unique only to slot gaming. Sure, they don’t pay as much as many of us would want them to (100 to 1,000 coins) – but that can hardly take away from them the connect they share with slot fans.

Another classic addition here is the Lucky Seven. Five-on-five of its combinations can help you net a full-disclosure jackpot of 5,000 coins. We would understand if you have already started thinking about shifting your loyalties from the sweet fruits to the shiny seven!

Pushing the Pedal to the Metal

Yes, it’s about time we hit the top gear and got ourselves some special deals struck.

Helping players out here is the wild of the slot – a Scarab Beetle that is unique to and iconic of Egyptian mythology. It holds a great sway over regular symbols, making it possible for players to shuffle them around or even swap them occasionally, to convert fallow spins into fertile ones!

The scatter symbol used in Fruits of Ra is, much too predictably, a golden star. Depending upon how many of these stars you manage to land on your screen, your base game winnings can be multiplied by as much as 100x. Now, that is the sort of twist we love having in a slot!

Before You Take the Bounty Home

You need to take a look at the gamble feature here before you cash out all those coins.

A round of Colours and Suits gives players one shot at guessing the correct colour/suit of the mystery card. Guess them correctly and bingo – that’s a straight-out 4x multiplication of all of your winnings.

Our advice to slot lovers? Well, just take a plunge, see what lies at the ocean bottom, and salvage whatever you can by spinning those reels madly!

Classic Fun

At times, it is bound to get formulaic. But really, come on! For a slot that demands literally zero work input from your side, any and every profit is a bonus.