Eastern Delights

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Eastern Delights Slot

The images that a mere mention of Middle-Eastern princely life brings to our minds are all filled with elaborately ornate palaces sprawled across shifting sand dunes, day-and-night long revelries that know no bounds, food rich with aromatic spices and a history to rival the best of its kind.

Well, it’s rather impossible for the most of us to actually get a taste of that high-life, but giving up on dreams isn’t our game. That’s why we are thrilled to review Eastern Delights, a slot so lavish that it virtually lets you preside over an Arabian Durbar, revelling at the highest level of opulence imaginable!

The Court of the Sheikh

The Sheikhs of the Middle East are known all over the world for their unfathomable riches and lavish lifestyles. Anecdotes of such lifestyles, even though they often border on being exaggerative, are quite enviable.

A glimpse of the court of the Sheikh is what greets you first up as you log on this slot. In fact, this particular Sheikh of friendly disposition and adorable old-age antics will be your sole guide throughout your stay here. Typically Arabic music accompanies much of the developments that take place here, and the whole slot has been meticulously decorated to suit the theme.

Playing It the Arabic Way

At its core, Eastern Delights is a penny slot that pulls no punches in making its prowess known. It features 5 simple reels that are complemented by 21 paylines. We have tried hard to make sense of non-regular number of paylines in many Playson slots, and this one – rather than answering our questions – further poses some questions of its own.

As is the norm with many penny slots, you can wager only one coin per payline. That leaves us with 21 coins that can be put at stake per spin. Given the coin values are adjustable between 1 cent and $5, it shouldn’t take much for our attentive readers to figure out that the maximum dollar figure one can gamble on the reels of Eastern Delights turns out to be $105.

Most high-rollers look for slots that take upwards of $200 per spin, and for that reason, they might be better off kissing this one a hello-goodbye.

Now, Let’s Make It Rain Coins!

Middle East and Arabia are famous for their eternal parched ladscapes. But Eastern Delights dashes those concepts by allowing players to make it rain coins.

The regular symbols, however, can – at best – cause a bit of a drizzle, with coin rewards ranging between 50 and 1,500 for various combinations. These symbols are all designed to go flawlessly with the theme. Even the face cards carry an unmistakeable Arabic aura, while exotic fruits, drinks, peacocks and sumptuous sweets further make up the quorum in some classy Middle Eastern style.

But rain is what we are looking for, and drizzles won’t do! That’s why, we have the able company of special symbols.

Let’s Make It Rain More Coins Now – for Real!

Enough of tomfoolery, we say! To make it really rain coins, we have to turn to the wild of this slot.

It is an unassuming question mark that’s studded with red-hot ruby and gilded with precious gold. It helps players substitute for all regular symbols, meaning that no half-formed combinations can deny you a shot at payouts!

To take things further, we have a scatter – the Arabian Princess. Three or more of these symbols (anywhere in view) trigger a free spins round, in which, by default, players receive only 4 free spins. More free spins rounds can be triggered within a free spins round, so long as the total number of free spins availed is less than 50.

The last of the lot is a drop symbol – a Playson specialty. The Lamp of the Djinn acts as the drop of the slot. It literally destroys all the symbols in every row that it appears on, creating enormous possibilities for compounded payouts.

Eastern’s Delightful

Eastern Delights is on point when it comes to sights and sounds.

What we loved the most about it, however, is the complex free spins round and the unique concept of a drop symbol. While payouts in this slot are quite high (especially when we consider that this is a penny slot, after all), it must always be remembered that high variance can quickly turn things around for the worse. So, being cautious and wagering in moderation seems to be the key to really enjoy the riches that the Sheikh has generously put on the table for all of us.