Crazy Chameleons

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Crazy Chameleons Slots

It is always impressive how some creatures are able to hide in plain sight. Chameleons have a skin that adapts to their environment in order to hide from their predators. Usually, when it comes to chameleons you don’t know where they will be, but now, thanks to Microgaming, this illusive creature is being brought out into the open and placed under the spotlight. Crazy Chameleons is a brand new online casino game that looks to have all the credentials of yet another smash his online slots release.

Showered in all things reptilian, it’s safe to say that animal lovers will certainly get a kick out of Crazy Chameleons, but will it be able to have the same impact on everyone else? There is only one way to find out!

Surf’s Up!

It is strange to think of a crazy chameleon. Imagine a chameleon, in a straightjacket, being restrained because they have a couple of “screws loose” upstairs. Think of that and you might be somewhere in the ballpark of estimating what the theme of this game is all about. The only difference from that image and what is featured in this game is that the chameleons here are crazy because they are surfing some really rad waves. The whole game revolves around the beach, as there is cool sunshine (he’s wearing shades!), seagulls, swim trunks, and surfboards featuring throughout its visuals.

No Space Spared

The game leaves no empty space on screen, as the slots are big (almost huge) and take up most of the screen. To the right and left of the reels are numbers that are the paylines. The font that you will see feels like rebel writing, hitting the screen, appearing smack, bang in your face. It’s a quirk that adds something different to the title and in many ways makes it more than “just another” online casino slot game.

Sanding down Your Surf Board

Crazy Chameleons may be crazy and wild, but as a game it proves to be surprisingly well organised. This is awesome, because a neat presentation is paramount to the experience for the player. You won’t have to stress out because you are looking all over the screen just to find your total balance, or a separate screen for your bet options. All you have to look at is the bottom of the screen and everything you need will be located right there. The bottom left of the screen holds the total balance of your game and to the right you can find select payline options, bet max, and spin.

Get Ready to Get Your Surf On

This casino slot is a five-reel slot with five paylines. When you win, you will enjoy some really rad riffs that help you celebrate your big victory. Also, there is a highlight that shows you the winning payline on screen, which makes the game just that much more effortless to understand. On top of that, each line is a different colour in Crazy Chameleons, which means that general confusion is reduced to nothing more than a non-factor in this game.

Wild, Crazy, and Then Some

Before we forget, there is another feature in this game worth mentioning, that being the wild symbol. The wild symbol in Crazy Chameleons is the big wave. This symbol will substitute itself in order to complete your highest winning payline, with this symbol also working right to left as well.

We want to explain something just to make it clear. We mentioned coins in the previous section, coins can be thought of as a bet multiplier. So if you place a $10 bet and have three coins, overall you are betting $30. You are also betting per line. These are little details to be aware of so you can make your bet as advantageous as possible when you play this game.

Hit the Beach with Crazy Chameleons!

You may get the urge to get on a surfboard and hit the waves after you play this game, as Crazy Chameleons has that charm to make you want to get your surf on to say the very least. It is a fun casino slot with the waves coming in and out of the shoreline to make your gameplay as relaxing as possible. With solid mechanics, and a great soundtrack, you can’t go wrong. If you are a fan of great casino slots, then this game is one of the easiest recommendations for you.

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