Art of the Heist

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Art of the Heist Slots

Every now and then, an online slots game comes along with something rather innovative in its clutches that can’t help but draw you in. It’s not something every slot can do, but when it happens, you know you are in for a good time. Playson, an up and coming casino slot developer, has created a slot that captures that idea entirely. This new slot, which promises to steal time away from other rival games, is called Art of the Heist.

When we were first told about this slot, we had to investigate, as it sounded like it would be something everyone would enjoy. Judging by what we’ve seen already we certainly weren’t wrong.

Stealing the Show

When this slot starts up, we are treated to an opening cinematic, a rarely seen feature within the world of online slots. We see our thief breaking into a museum and with such immediately having to dodge danger, as there are mummies roaming the halls. This sets up the theme of Art of the Heist fantastically.

The game’s overall presentation is extremely well done. It’s night-time and we can see our thief on the top left part of the reels. We can see the museum, which features plenty of statues and artwork protected by lasers, as the backdrop. The dark starry night provides perfect cover and ambience as you can occasionally see a shooting star on scree.

Mummies Galore

The visuals of Art of the Heist proven to be inherently powerful, with such only being complimented by what’s on the reels. The symbols look great, as you can see the classic letter/number symbols, along with mummies, a decoder, a crown, and even museum security.

Moving With Stealth

The user interface of this casino slot is really cool. For the background of the user interface, you can see engravings that you would expect to see on roman pillars. It almost looks like it was carved out of cold grey stone, which makes it look immaculate on screen.

Cracking the Code

Controls wise, the main part of the interface holds the total bet, max bet, auto spin, and spin options. Above this row, you can find the total credit, free spins bet, and winnings. On the top left, you can see diamonds, with a number next to it, which show the free spin counter.

An auto spin feature is in this slot too, which will stop spinning if you lose past a certain amount. It will also stop if you get a big win, if you so choose to set it that way. The developers really thought about their players when they made Art of the Heist and it certainly shows within the controls implemented.

Basking in the Night Sky

There is a ton of different things going on in Art of the Heist, so get ready. It is a 21 pay-line slot, with five-reels to play with. One of the main features of the game is to help the thief make his way through the museum, by landing the decoder on the reels.

Along the way, you can get special events to happen on screen – by landing the wild on him, you will earn one more free spin when the bonus spins happen. You can also end up moving backwards in the game if you awaken a mummy, which chases you back two spaces. You can also end up being locked in a space if you land a security guard.

The Beauty of the Bonus Room

To access the bonus room you need to land the bonus portrait on the reels. You will then be taken to a screen where you will have to help the thief navigate the backroom. It is there where you will have a set number of keys to find the discharge switch in order to land the big wins. By the way, when you make it to the end of the museum, you will be taken to the free spins rounds, which holds within it expanding wilds.

Experiencing the Art of the Heist!

Art of the Heist is easily one of the better slots out there. It has a new level of creativity, which is very welcome in the slot gaming community that’s for sure. The presentation is sleek, which is perfect and we didn’t even mention that the jazz music keeping you company only adds to the atmosphere. All in all, it is worth trying out Art of the Heist if given the chance.

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