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Aquarium Slot Machine

We know pretty well that a vast majority of slot players play slots not just to test out their lucky stars in a fun way but to beat the blues too. After all, slots have that tremendous power to divert your attention for a brief time, all the while keeping you on your toes and fully entertained.

If that’s something you can relate to, then ‘Aquarium’, a classic video slot by Playson, has all the power to drag you out of troubled waters with cheery outlook and not-so-innocent payouts!

Everything Is Green & Submarine!

The world as we know it – if we are allowed to invoke the famous words of Darwin – started down at submarine levels, and that’s where we are taking our slot-athon to see what’s up.

But we won’t be going all guns blazing to the seas, because ‘Aquarium’ lets us carry our experiments right in the microcosm of a happy and tranquil fish tank where harmony is the word and peace is the norm.

Aquarium was launched about two years ago, and time-stamps of those times are clearly visible in the way the slot loads and plays out. However, it was recently upgraded by Playson to an all-HTML5 version, meaning that you can revel in this happy-go-lucky world right from your smartphones and tablets! Nothing fishy there, we say!

More Positivity, More Popularity

While the launch screen of Aquarium screams positivity, the real popularity of it all is owed to the simplicity of gameplay. The slot features 5 standard reels of 3 rows each, accompanied by 30 paylines (static). If you are a slot regular, there is really nothing that can fluster you here, as everything plays to the generic script of a penny slot.

Oh yes, this is a penny slot, lest we forget to mention is explicitly. You can wager one (and only one) coin per payline. Coin denominations can be fixed between 1 cent and $5 – a pretty wide range to go with the budget of newcomers. This bar automatically fixes maximum money wagers on a given spin at $150, which is a standard number, too.

Fishing For The Glory!

If you are fishing for the glory, there’s no place you would rather be than this Aquarium. Replete with jovially swimming gangs of eclectic fish, the regular symbols consist peculiar fish varieties. Even though many of these symbols pay nice and high, the highest paying symbol is the seahorse!

We know that not too many people would have seahorses in their household aquaria, but that’s the whole point of it – the rarer the better! Five-on-five combination of these seahorses puts a one-time cashout of 5,000 coins (that could well be $25,000!) right into your fishing net. But the glory will be many nauts away, until you get some special symbols stuck on to your hook!

Fishing For The Glory – II

This is where the whole exercise is going to suddenly become worth your while, and so, you might want to sit back and read through this part.

The first big fish here is the goldfish (with a funky hairdo, no less!). It plays the wild of the slot, allowing you to scurry regular fish here and there to create payout-worthy combinations.

Coming to the party a little late – but not at all sorry – is the scatter of the slot, the starfish. Get three of these party boys anywhere on the screen and be assured of a straight-out 5x multiplication of your base game winnings. The number goes up to 50x for four scatters and, lo and behold, to 500x for five scatters.

That’s, well, just pushing us to start thinking about what to do with all those coins…

The Cherry On Top

The cherry on top of all this madness is provided by a gamble feature – the classic Colours and Suits mode. It allows you to turn your winnings up and around by four times, should you manage to stay on the right side of the lucky line. All you have to do is guess the correct colour/suit.

Have Fun At The Aquarium

The biggest positive here is that Aquarium, with its charmingly childish graphics and tantalisingly funny sound effects, makes you happy, as long as you know how to wager in moderation.

Payouts are ridiculously attractive (not a thing we get to say often) and the standard house edge of approximately 5% makes things interesting. Aquarium is thus, despite being a penny slot at the heart, perfectly suited for almost every slot lover.

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