Slot – Wild Jack

Wild Jack Slot Machine

Phew-wee, Jack is bringing some mega fun with his 3 reels and 27 fixed winlines; for an unassuming slot machine you may be in for a surprise or two.

The wild west has been done. Let’s get that out there now; there is nothing new that can be brought to the table at this point, the only offer we have as players is reinvention. Wazdan haven’t done this, but they’ve utilised the western theme as a means to entice you in. It’s worked, you’re here.

Cheesy grins and angry red bulls are everywhere on the background, with rotating rays from the sun having us feeling dizzy after playing for a couple of minutes. It’s eccentric, it doesn’t apologise for that fact, and it isn’t about to hand you any special features. Basic is all you’ll find here. So why do we like it so much?

Easy wins: minimal volatility and variance heralds in a lot of goodies for us, with boredom taking a backseat to our clutching hands reaching for coin pieces.

Haven’t We Seen Jack Before?

Ever get the feeling you’ve seen a guy before, and not just because he looks like every other cowboy around the saloon? Jack is that guy. And you have seen him before – in nearly every Wazdan game you’ve played. He’ll be a jester one minute, a farmer the next, but he’ll never be able to disguise himself from us, we know that grin anywhere.

Continuing on with the tradition of him being the wild, Jack is here, and so he’ll shoot down the other symbols, no exceptions. He’ll also bring in €16. Yeah, that isn’t the stuff of legends, but nobody promised you the earth when you placed your bet, and Jack’s a man with bills to pay. That sum of money is the only amount he can win you, ever.

Three is the Magic Number

If you’re a veteran of slots, you’ll have become used to matches of between three and five, with five being the most desirable. Well that doesn’t happen here, three is the only match you can get, much like a 1-payline, 3-reel slot machine. The thing is, even they sometimes allow matches of just two, but Wild Jack doesn’t, he’s not taking any prisoners. You either get it right or that’s that. Probably his life as a rodeo has made him so cold.

The low hanging fruits are quite literally just that, bringing in wins of 0.10, but go higher up the paytable and you’ll find bigger wins of 8 credits or more. Granted these aren’t figures that set the world ablaze, but Jack is only but a man.

There are no special features and so there is nothing else to do but work your way through the paytable, winning as much as you can before your cash runs out.

Visiting the Rodeo

Seeing as you’re the one saddling up and riding that bull, you need to be suitably prepared, oh say with a 1 credit bet? That’s rather cheap for performing a scary stunt, but Wazdan feel it only fair that you can have a low pay-in when their payout is less than substantial. What we weren’t expecting was to be able to play with up to 1,000 credits in funds – who does that?! If you do, we salute you.

The paylines are fixed into place and so you only have a choice between autoplay and max bet, and seeing as the maximum price is a lot (let’s not mention the amount again), it seems you’re going to be choosing between manual or software led play.

Not So Mega

We ain’t about to hate on classic slot machines – they’re the bread and butter of casinos across the globe, and so online ones are just as important. The reason we’re giving the thumbs down here is because Wazdan have a game that does virtually nothing and yet can demand a lot of money from you. All bets are optional in their amount, and so you don’t have to play with 1,000 coins, but the fact that it’s on the table doesn’t make any sense to us.

If this was a hugely rewarding game and the prizes matched what you put in that would be fine, but this isn’t one of those occasions.

You can play this slot game for FREE – HERE

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