Slot – Night Club 81

Night Club 81 Slot

It’s a Friday night, home is boring and there’s nothing on the TV, you can stay in or brave going out with your friends. You’re not really feeling it, but maybe a night of dancing and drinking will do you some good…? It definitely will when you combine home and a night out and play Night Club 81.

Those moments when you walk up to the bouncers, large as life and then breeze through into the VIP lounge are second to none, but they don’t happen all that often. Fortunately, you’re good mates with the people over at Wazdan, so for this night only you get exclusive access. Once inside, you’ll have 81 different ways to win some cash, with 5 reels of flashing lights and thumping music to help you on your journey.

Don’t get too tipsy just yet, as there is a lot of classic excitement to savour, and you’ll want all of your senses sharpened and ready if you’re to appreciate the full intricacies of such a dynamic game like Night Club 81. It has been designed to look and feel basic, but it’s actually just as enthralling as any modern day slot machine you’ll find out there.

Shot, Shot, Shot!

Sometimes knocking a couple back before braving the dance floor is the wisest course of action, and so Wazdan eases you in gently with a 0.10 starting wager. This is ideal for all you lightweights who only have to look at a bottle of booze before passing out.

Should you be someone who can hold their liquor reasonably well, at least long enough to get past the first song, then the maximum bet may just be for you. Wazdan caps its wager off at 100 credits, which can be reached either by clicking through the totals or jumping the line and going for the Max Bet.

Above the spin widget the Gamble option will appear once you’ve bagged yourself some cash, giving you the chance to decide your fate for yourselves. You can walk away with small earnings or you can risk it all to double it up.

A another window will appear and a card will start flashing through red and black suits, until you make a choice between the two outcomes. If you’re victorious you move onto another guessing game, but if you lose you not only have to deal with the loss of your dignity but also the loss of your money. Maybe wait before you down that drink – it’s best to try this feature fully sober.

Yes I Can Boogie

These reels don’t just want to see you throw down some shapes, they want to see their symbols do the same as well, and oh what shapes they come in. Some are blueberries, others are cowgirls, sometimes they’re matches of bells – you’re never quite sure which of the nine tiles will make a match next, if at all.

Out of all of them, we’re a sucker for that cowgirl; we know she isn’t real, but her charmingly vibrant colours grab our attention every time, or is it the €12 she’s got in her back pocket? When it comes to getting some fresh dough, we can’t help but check out all the possibilities. We’ll even take the match of four pears or oranges, and they have the lowest winning amount ever at a measly 0.10 credits.

Sadly, this nightclub isn’t an all-nighter, it closes at a reasonable time, throwing you out onto the streets to find other forms of entertainment. When you’re not done partying, this really puts a downer on events. Night Club 81 has done away with special features, deciding that its 81 winlines is the only feature you’ll ever need. It’s good, Wazdan, but it isn’t that good – we’d have liked a more variation.

Party Animal

So we weren’t overly impressed with Night Club 81, for when compared with other slot machines, it seems to be lacking in basics. However, at the same time we feel compelled to go back and try its selection of prizes once more, even despite the low payouts. Maybe it’s the drink talking, but we think we’re going to be returning to the club…

You can play this slot game for FREE – HERE

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