Slot – Magic Hot 4

Magic Hot 4 Slot Machine

Magic Hot 4 sounds like a dubious sequel to a dubious trilogy, but don’t let the name deter you. In action, it proves to be far more alluring than its name might indicate.

This is a Wazdan slot, and it’s one that the software company have lavished great care on. There’s nothing revolutionary about the 4-reel slot – yep, the 4 is in the name for a reason – but it’s characterised by a level of detail that’s pretty sublime.

Prepare to reassess everything you thought you knew about fruit-based slots. This game may be fruity, but it looks like nothing else out there.

Part of Your 4 a Day

If you only play 4 reels a day, make it the 4 found on Magic Hot 4. They contain more than enough fruit to furnish you with essential vitamins, minerals and – oh yes – money, the reason why any of us gets out of bed in the morning. Playing slots might be easy, but you still have to graft for it. But as Wizdan memorably put it, “You don’t have to cut down a tree to get fruit. The only thing you have to do is spin the reels and collect 3 of the same symbol.” And they’ve got a point: that’s pretty much all there is to it.

What distinguishes Magic Hot 4 isn’t the gameplay or the features. It’s the graphics, which attain a level of detail, depth and vibrancy that you’ll struggle to find on any other fruit-based slot. The raspberries look so juicy you just want to reach into your screen and pick one; the grapes so delectable, it’s enough to make you start salivating. It may not be the game’s prime purpose, but if playing Magic Hot 4 spurs you into upping your fruit intake, that can only be a good thing.

Pick a Payout

Four reels is an unusual set-up for video slots – 3 or 5 is the norm – but there’s nothing to say 4 can’t be done, as Magic Hot 4 amply demonstrates. The 4-reel, 10-payline game is set against a foreboding-looking castle of magic and mystery, but it’s a theme that scarcely features once the game begins in earnest. Spin the reels, and all you’ll be seeing for the foreseeable is an avalanche of fruit.

Of the game’s various fruit symbols, the starting point for 3 in a row is €4, which is paid out for oranges, pears, plums and bells. This rises to €8 for raspberries, grapes and red 7s and €20 for wizards and bells.

If you’re wondering where the castle comes into play, it would appear to be inhabited by a magician, the one who lends his name to the game and who surfaces on the reels, his imprint overlaid against the the various fruits. Just to add to the whiff of magical enchantment, the title of the slot is stretched across the top of the screen in a typeface that’s very Harry Potter. You’re not a magician – you’re a wizard.

Across the bottom of the screen, two main windows dominate: one displays the value of the jackpot, while the other displays the bet level. There’s also an autoplay button for those who like to live life in the fast lane.

Hot Fiery Spells

What exactly is a ‘hot fiery spell’? It’s hard to say for certain, but apparently this is what the wizard is prone to unleashing according to makers Wazdan. If that’s confusing, then don’t even bother glancing at the game rules. Your mind will boggle and you’ll be left none the wiser. For the record, a combination of 4 wizard symbols will pay only on 3 horizontal lines. When a combination of 4 wizards occurs, a combination of 3 joker symbols will also be paid if placed on active lines. Yeah, good luck figuring that one out.

Magic Hot 4 isn’t weird in a good sense: it’s just weird in a really strange sense. It’s got its plus points for sure – the fruit symbols are beautifully designed – and the sound effects are functional, if unexciting.

It’s not the most enthralling of games however, and don’t even bother trying to understand the scoring system. Just know that 3 matching symbols in a row will win you something, the way it’s always been and the way it always will be. Magic Hot 4: it’s a little bit odd to say the least.

You can play this slot game for FREE – HERE

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