Slot – Lady of Egypt

Lady of Egypt Slot

One of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra is not just renowned for her beauty, but more importantly for being the last pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt before it became of province of the Roman Empire. Her exploits with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony are the stuff of legend, and her life has become the subject for numerous works of art, literature, film and television.

They’re also the basis for the exciting Lady of Egypt slot machine, one of the many WMS machines that have made the journey from being brick-and-mortar hits to becoming popular options at online casinos. Today, the game is available through the Play4Fun Network at a number of different social gaming sites, allowing a whole new audience of fans to give this slot a try.

Crossing the Nile

When you first see Lady of Egypt, you might find that the layout looks a little strange. The game advertises only nine lines, but there are 10 reels that you’re able to play on, each of which shows three symbol positions.

However, only three of the reels are active at any time, just like a traditional slot machine. You’ll be able to tell which reels are in play, as they are magnified and bordered so that you can tell exactly where the action is unfolding.

But the play doesn’t have to stay there. Every time you score a win, you’ll earn a free spin in which the play area will start moving to the right. String enough wins together, and you’ll start to see big multipliers added to you spins. Get to the end of the line, and you’ll enjoy multipliers that are as big as 100x on every prize.

In order to get the machine rolling, you’ll need to match three in a row of the same symbols. There are plenty of potential icons to match, ranging from poker ranks such as jacks, queens and kings to more traditional Egyptian fare like ankhs, dogs, and (of course), Cleopatra herself. There’s also a wild symbol that can be used to connect these symbols and form more winning combinations.

Picking up the Speed

There’s an added benefit to be had if you can hit two or more of the golden eagle symbols, which act as scatters. This will award you a number of Speed Spins, a free spins variant that promises big prizes that can add up in a hurry.

Each of these spins starts on the left side of the screen with the regular 1x multiplier, but are enhanced with the help of stacked wilds. You can quickly move to the right, rapidly finding yourself hitting larger multipliers and potentially finding your way into some jackpot prizes on the 10th and final column.

A Game for All Ages

Lady of Egypt has long been popular thanks to its interesting format and the potential for jackpot prizes that can seemingly come out of nowhere on every spin. There’s no denying that the play here is designed to generate the maximum amount of drama and excitement, and that’s exactly what we think most players are looking for when they play slots.

If you’re a fan of the theme, you’ll enjoy the well-designed icons and attractive graphics used throughout this game. But even if Ancient Egypt is not your cup of tea, the fast moving, high octane flow of the gameplay should keep you interested enough to play this machine again and again.

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