Slot – Beach Party

Beach Party Slots

Going to the beach is always fun, as what it promises to deliver is sun, sea, and sand. Beach inspired casino slots are hardly anything new, as the market is flooded with them, but it isn’t easy to find a great beach inspired slot that’s actually worth playing.

Through its latest release Wazdan promises some beach-based fun, as Beach Party really does look to be the real deal. We were invited to give this game a try and being honest, we feel that this could very well be the best Wazdan release to date!

Getting in the Party Mood

Beach Party looks like a fantastic on screen, as the grains of sand featured appear to be truly golden. You can see that the sun is setting in the backdrop, but the game still carries unrelenting warmth. The water is coming into shore, as the waves ripple from the tropical breeze. You can see palm trees on the top corners of the screen, as they sway with the light wind. The reels have a wooden framework with a texture that certainly makes it eye catching.

Larger Than Life

The symbols in Beach Party are exaggerated, as they are quite large in scale. The letter/number symbols are huge and look like they were drawn by beach goers. You will also see two tropical drinks, a dartboard, and dancing bikini girls on the reels, which really round off the party atmosphere of this particular title.

Waves upon Waves of Fun

Beach Party as a game will have you jumping for joy, as it is really easy to play. You won’t have to access another screen to input controls, as everything you need to whip through the game can be found under the reels.

The user interface looks particularly cool, as it contrasts against the reels with the black and green colour palette used. You will see from left to right the lines, auto-play, spin, max bet, and bet options. You can adjust the lines and bet with the minus and plus symbols found on the left and right of the display. It should be noted that the user interface is also used to display key in-game information that will be of use to the play.

Being honest, that’s everything you need to know in order to enjoy Beach Party to the fullest.

Bouncing Along to the Summer Beats

What kind of party should you be expecting in Beach Party? Will it be a mellow affair or something a little more action packed? Well, it’s actually a mix of mellow and exciting, as the game features a killer soundtrack. Adding to this, you can find a total of 10 paylines in this slot along with 5 reels, which really encourages laid back play.

When you spin and win, you will hear various sound effects depending on the symbol. But what will always remain is the sound of collecting coins, which is so satisfying when the wins rack up.

Gambling for Glory

There are several bonus features in Beach Party that you can use to your benefit. You will have a gamble game that can be accessed when you win in order to double your winnings. Just be aware that if you lose in that side game, you’ll come away with nothing.

There is a wild symbol that will reward you by completing paylines that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to complete. Last but not least, there is a scatter symbol that will reward you with fifteen free spins whenever you land three or more of them on screen.

Free Spins Amidst the Sand

An additional note on the free spins element of Beach Party. During the free spins round, you will have a multiplier of 3 applied to all your winnings. You can increase this multiplier by landing a dart in the middle reel during your free spins. What this does is give the free spins portion of Beach Party some extra added pizazz.

Get Ready to Experience the Ultimate Beach Party!

Beach Party delivers a pretty chilled online slots experience, as it’s clearly not meant to be a fast paced endeavor. You are invited to come unwind with Beach Party and that is why we are happy to recommend this Wazdan title to other players.

When it comes down to it, Beach Party is one game that will allow you to take it easy, all the while enjoying some sweet winnings and ambience in the process.

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