Slot – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In the long history of superhero comic books, there have been few rivalries between heroic characters as storied as that between Batman and Superman. While both are unambiguously forces for good, the two legends come from very different places, have different motivations, and are often at odds in terms of tactics. That tension was finally brought to the big screen in 2016, thanks to Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Given the high profile not only of that film, but of others in the DC Extended Universe of movies, it comes as little surprise that this title would appear in the realm of real money online slots as well. Sure enough, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Playtech is an upcoming online slot that’s set to be released in the near future. With the memorable cast of characters in this title and Playtech’s penchant for doing great things with licensed games, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

The Man of Steel

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice video slot is an upcoming game that will be available at online casinos featuring software by Playtech. This game is a result of a February 2017 announcement from the software developer after they signed an exclusive branded content deal with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a partnership that would allow them to develop and license a catalogue of machines based on the popular series of film and television properties featuring characters from DC Entertainment.

In the initial announcement, six titles were slated for rollout, and this one was a clear inclusion. The two heroes at the center of this story are perhaps the two most popular characters in DC history, and are – along with a couple of the most popular Marvel heroes – among the most iconic heroes in the superhero world.

The Dark Knight

Because this game has yet to be released – there’s not even a demo available yet – we can’t speak much about game features at this time. Given that a trusted developer is at the helm, we’re confident that we’ll get a professional product, and their new games are developed in HTML5, so we’re expecting this title to feature full mobile compatibility with no download needed in order to play. We expect that some sites will offer a play for free version as well.

When it comes to things like special features and bonus rounds, there’s certainly plenty of material to mine from the movies. Along with the two titular heroes, other important figures like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and the villainous Lex Luthor have major roles, and we’d expect to see all of them appearing on the reels to help players earn big payouts. As for free spins or other features, however, your guess is as good as ours until this machine is actually released.

From Gotham to Metropolis

One thing that has been announced is that this – and the other new games coming in this lineup – are going to be linked in the DC Super Heroes Progressive Jackpot system. These tiered jackpots will give players already give players the opportunity to win several different prizes, and adding more titles to that system will likely only help the larger jackpots grow in size for the lucky gamblers who win them.

Right now, we have more questions than answers when it comes to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice video slot, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t already a lot of anticipation from gamblers for this title. When you’re talking about huge cinematic franchises and heroes that are iconic throughout the world, the games that result will inevitably attract players and get plenty of play upon release. Thankfully, with Playtech developing this title (and the others in the DC line), we also feel confident that you will be satisfied with the results once these games become available. When that happens, we’ll definitely be posting a full review to let you know if this is the online slot that fans of this movie deserve.

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