Slot – Babushkas

Babushkas Slots

Get ready to experience a unique game with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and a dynamic gameplay that will keep you hooked.

Babushkas is a video slot game developed by Thunderkick that blends high-quality graphics with a unique Russian atmosphere. In this game, you will have to chase Russian dolls all over the reels and try to create unique combinations of symbols to trigger chain reactions and other surprises that could make you rich in an instant.

Get the best introduction to this unique game thanks to our full review of Babushkas, where you will learn all the basics to get the best start possible on the reels.

Inspired by Traditional Crafts

Babushkas adopts a unique look inspired by Russian folklore and offers players a dynamic, 3D environment at the same time.

The background of the game resembles a close-up on an abstract knitting patters, while the transparent reels allow the symbols to flow freely in the foreground. Add a dynamic background music and unexpected reel animations, and the final result is quite impressive.

Babushkas is probably unlike any other game you have had the chance to play in the past. In terms of graphic quality only, the game will catch many players’ eye and deliver a coherent universe. Now let’s see how the game actually works in our next section.

Intuitive Settings for Everyone

Babushkas has quite a unique look by is also very user friendly. As such, the game provides players with an easy gameplay and few rules to follow.

As you can see, the game is organized around 5 reels and 17 fixed paylines. By landing combinations of identical symbols onto any of the paylines, you will trigger cash rewards. These rewards depend both on the type of symbols involved and the size of your wager. Keep that in mind and do not hesitate to change your settings as often as you see fit. You can also turn to the autospin game mode in order to place the same wager over a series of spin in a row.

The game menu allows you to pick a bet to place on your next spin. Always keep in mind that the more you choose to be, the greater your potential rewards become. After each win, all symbols involved in a winning combination will automatically “upgrade” to the next higher symbol, if it helps trigger another win. This system allows for chain reactions of increasing wins, for the price of a single spin.

Cute Russian Dolls All Over

Babushkas focuses on a single kind of reel symbol: Russian dolls. All of them come in different sizes and colours.

There are 7 different dolls available in the game, numbered from 0 to 6 on the paytable. Winning combinations consist of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols lined up on a payline across the reels.

You can easily tell the dolls apart by counting the number of dots appearing on their clothes. If you manage to fill the entire screen with the same doll, all of them will upgrade at once. When upgrading, the 0 doll becomes the special ghost doll, which is worth 100 times your initial bet.

Beware of the Bear

Babushkas features only one special symbol, but it can transform and trigger different bonuses on its own.

This wild egg is larger and more colourful than the other symbols. Its basic function is to replace any of the dolls on the reels whenever it appears on reel 3. This handy feature can help you start a new chain reaction of wins.

The same egg can also feature a star, which indicates that a surprise bonus is on its way. The egg will then open to reveal a price. If the scare bear character shows up, all the lowest symbols on the reels will upgrade either 1, 2 or 3 times in a row. With the charm bear, all symbols in view will upgrade 1 level at the same time. Finally, the accordion-playing dance bear awards 7 free spins. During the free games, the mystery egg will appear on reel 3 at every turn.

A Unique and Dynamic Game

Babushkas is a one-of-a-kind slot game that blends great graphics with a dynamic and easy gameplay that all players will be able to enjoy.

On the other hand, the standard rewards are rather low in comparison to other slot game. You will have to take advantage of the chain reactions offered by the gameplay in order to end up with a big win.

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