Slot – Arcade

Arcade Slot

Classic casino slots are an online casino game< format that can rightfully be labeled as “timeless”. They may have arrived on the scene a very long time ago, but they have stuck around on the casino scene ever since.

Developers are plenty aware of the history of online slots and the popularity of the classic format, as they continue to make release old school inspired slot games. Wazdan has now created their very own classically inspired online slots game in Arcade. We know, it is a rather simple name, but classic slots are usually simple and this game stands firmly by that approach.

Putting all the hype to one side; is Arcade going to be just another “classic” or is this title something truly special? Check out the review below to find out!

Wazdan Strikes Again

This classic casino slot looks amazing, as Arcade really does astound with its visuals. The developers at Wazdan took a page out of video game developers past; as they’ve take something old and make it look brand new quite frankly.

Arcade has a cool green background to it, which moves slowly and really works to mesmerise. The reel frame is solid gold, as it takes up the centre of the screen and carries plenty of sheen.

Tooty Fruity Symbols

The symbols featured in Arcade are based on the classic slots style, as you can see oranges, pineapples, plums, pears, bag of coins, grapes, lemons, watermelons, raspberries, apples, and cherries. When it comes to the symbols in Arcade, it is safe to say that we appreciate the variety that we found here.

Tweak to Your Heart’s Content

It is really easy to play Arcade, as you will not have to do much to get the reels rolling. Everything you will need to bet, tweak, and play this game can be found at the bottom of the screen.

When you look below, you will see auto play, spin, max bet, and bet as immediate options. You can adjust the bet with the plus and minus symbol found on the left and right of the slot. Below the interface, you will see three displays for total balance, winnings, and total bet. That’s it really, as we mentioned, you won’t need much to succeed in this slot, as Arcade really is effortless to play.

Classic Mechanics with a Fresh Twist

As always, this classic casino slot has one pay-line that runs across the centre of the three reels. However, it provides a game mechanic that is unlike most casino slots. We didn’t mention this earlier, but in the design there is a spot above the reels that hold stars.

You can see nine stars in total, which represent the reels below. When you spin, you will see various symbols that have stars on them and others that don’t. When these star laden symbols land on the reels, the corresponding star on the diagram above lights up. You will then see the mini bonus to the right go up by the amount you bet when that star landed. When you have lit up all the stars, there will be one final step for you to take in order to win that mini bonus. All you have to do is hit a winning payline in order to claim the prize you’ve worked to build up.

Stick, Stop, and Move

It is relatively easy to win in this classic styled slot, as you can often win with just two in a row instead of having to land the usual three. You can also use the “Stop” function in order to hold reels, which can raise your chances to land a big win, as you can prioritise higher valued symbols. One final feature worth noting is the Gamble mini-game, which will allow you to double your money should you be able to predict the next card out of the deck.

Step into the Arcade!

Arcade is one of the better, if not, the best classically styled casino slot that we have played in a very long time. We didn’t even mention their funky cool music that is played while you play, so you may just end up dancing to that tune as you win big. Arcade really brings the action, so it’s a game that is certainly well worth seeking out!

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