Roulette vs Slot. What’s a Better Casino Game, Slots or Roulette?


Roulette vs Slot ? Roulette and slots are the two most popular casino games in the world. On the surface, roulette and slots seem to have very little in common. One involves placing bets on a spinning wheel while the other involves betting on three or more spinning reels.

In this article, we look at the differences between these two games at the online casino.  As online casino games, however, roulette and slots have quite a lot in common. They’re both fun, accessible (very often on the same casino site,) easy to play and potentially rewarding, so what’s to choose between them? Ultimately, as you should discover, each game offers different advantages, and which one is preferable depends on what the player expects from a game.  Let’s take a look at how online slots and roulette compare.

Easy rules

The most obvious thing that slots and roulette have in common is how accessible they are.

If you are a beginner looking for a game that’s easy to learn, slots might be a better choice. One of the best things about a slot game is that there aren’t really any special skills required to win big, you simply place your bet and press ‘spin’. You’ll see the symbols spinning on the reels. If you have won, the game will display your winnings and offer you the chance to gamble. 

Roulette requires more skill, time, and energy because it has more complicated rules. You need to place your bets on the table before the dealer calls out “No more bets!” Then the dealer spins the roulette wheel one way, spins the little ball the other way, and everybody waits until the ball lands in one of the colored, numbered slots on the wheel. If your number comes up, you win!

There is one key difference between roulette and slots: You have to place your bets between each spin of the roulette wheel, whereas the auto-spin feature on most slots takes care of that for you (if you so wish.)

Betting options

There are few casino games that can beat roulette when it comes to the number of bets you can make. Besides obvious ones like betting straight up on one or more numbers, you can go for outside bets, such as betting on thirds, dozens, columns, colors (red or black), highs or lows, odd or even, and so forth. All you have to do is choose bets that will go well with your betting system or strategy.

On the opposite are the Slots – they are with limited bet options that only allow players to increase or decrease the cost of each bet.

Odds (Probability of Winning)

As with all table games, roulette games typically offer better odds or higher probability of winning than slot games. Roulette’s house edge can be as low as 1.35% on even-money bets when playing French roulette, or as high as 5.26% on all bets when playing the American variation. This gives roulette an RTP range of 94.74%-98.65%.

Slot games integrate RNG technology that not only makes the game random but also awards each slot a specific house advantage. This is usually expressed in the form of return to the player percentage, or what’s popularly called RTP. Online casinos tend to offer a much better RTP on slots-as high as 98%.

However you look at it, roulette games are a clear choice if you consider only odds or house edges. So, if RTP or probability of winning is a defining factor for you, then roulette games are better for you.

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Number of variants/available titles to play

Roulette has 3 main variations including American, European and French which offer different house edges due to differences in zero pockets on the wheels or rules applying to certain bets.

Slots are divided into several variations as well mostly differing in terms of volatility and payout potential. Slots have 3 to 5+ reels and can potentially include a bonus jackpot, progressive jackpot or bonus game. 

Potential Payouts

One area where slots and roulette games part company is payouts. The highest payout you can hope to win in roulette is 35x your stake – and that’s if you win a straight-up bet at 37/1!

Slots tend to be much more generous when it comes to payouts. Progressive slots can pay out hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars when you hit a jackpot. Many also provide players with the opportunity to win big off of very small wagers.  Let’s not forget slot games come with features like bonus rounds, multipliers, stacked wilds, and minor jackpots, all of which can pay out handsomely.

The potential winnings to be had from a session of roulette or slots depends on different factors for each game. For roulette, luck and the type of bets chosen have a lot to do with how much is won or lost in an hour.

Have a look at how each game of chance compares below.

roulette vs slots

Mobile gameplay

Another thing slots and roulette share is that you can play them both on your mobile. n fact, mobile-compatible online slots and virtual roulette games have been around for quite some time.

So let`s summarize:

Pros of Roulette Games

  • Easy gameplay and rules
  • Huge variety of betting options
  • You can use advanced strategy or winning tactics
  • They generally offer favorable odds
  • You can find many variants online

Pros of Slot Games

  • They are truly random
  • They are exciting and relatively easy to play
  • Large payouts and jackpots

Cons of Roulette Games

  • They can be very addictive
  • May require extensive skills

Cons of Slot Games

  • Higher house edge
  • No advance strategy can help
  • They can also be addictive

Making your decision

As mentioned above, when making your decision regarding which game to play it really is down to personal preference. Both games have many pros and lots of people enjoy playing them both online. Ultimately, it all comes down to what kind of a gambler you are.

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So the question what’s a Better Casino Game, Slots or Roulette stays with no right answer.

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