New Slot – Moonshine

Moonshine Slot

There was a time in America where the government decided to outlaw alcohol and what this resulted in was the arrival of the now infamous prohibition era. Criminals thrived during this period of time, as they sought to make millions of dollars through the dealings and distribution of illicit liquor. Of all that was being sold during such time, it seemed that one particularly potent drink became more popular than any other. The name of this beverage was moonshine, with it being an alcoholic drink that certainly packed plenty of punch.

Taking the power of moonshine and giving it a brand new dimension, Microgaming has created the aptly titled new online slots game Moonshine. Not many developers are willing to use alcohol as a theme and this has certainly made plenty of players curious. Looking into that curiosity further, is this game worthy of its hype? Read on to find out!

Hillbillies and rednecks

Moonshine looks like a game that was made with the lightest of intentions in mind. It uses a cartoon-based style, which adds some levity to its theme.

Players will be able to see all kinds of different characters on the reels, such as an old man smoking a pipe, an old woman in a rocking chair holding down a double barreled shotgun, kiwis, sardines, pigs, a hillbilly playing a banjo and of course, the moonshine itself. Each symbol has their own colour scheme, which makes them stand out extremely well. In an odd twist, there are no 10, J, Q or K low-value symbols here. Microgaming decided to go against the norm with such and it has proven to be a wise move.

Order another round

This game has one of the better casino slot user interfaces out there; as we appreciate how fantastically the control panel really does integrate with Moonshine’s theme. Found under the reels, the game can be tweaked with ease. The view payout button is found right under the corners of the reels, it is quite hard to miss, as a large moonshine bottle represents it. Under this button, you can find the complete user interface.

On the far left, there is the display for the total balance you have available to you. To the right of that, there is a coin display that you can adjust with the plus and minus button found underneath the display. Following that, display are four more displays, which are for the lines, coins, bet, and winnings. All in all, Moonshine can be controlled through just the simple click of a mouse.

Plucking the banjo strings

Moonshine is a ton of fun to play, as it really does gameplay matters by the book. Adding to all the fun of the game, there is a banjo music playing while wins are being dished out. This slot is a five-reel slot with 25 pay-lines; with there being plenty of features within this game that will get your heart racing.

Like a trip to the Deep South

Speaking of bonus features, there is a wild symbol that will help you win by substituting itself in order to complete any active paylines you may have. These wild symbols offer some of the biggest rewards at hand too if you manage to land multiple wilds on the reels. There is also a scatter symbol in this game, which is the Sherriff symbol. These symbols can land anywhere, as they will still pay out and you will earn a reward that is dependent on the amount of Scatters you secure.

Grab yourself a bottle

There is one last feature that players should be aware of, which is the Moonshine Bonus. Landing three or more of the related symbol anywhere on the reels activates this bonus, when in effect you will win free spins that have a bonus attached to them. You can potentially win up to 18 free spins with a 4x multiplier to boot.

Take a sip of the best Moonshine around!

There are many casino slot games out there, but none are quite like moonshine. Moonshine promises to be a different experience from the rest for a number of different reasons. First off, the theme is unlike anything else, as it is a mature theme that features adult overtones.

On top of that, the gameplay here has a distinct flow that other slot tiles just can’t get close to. If you want to play a unique casino slot that promises to be a ton of fun, look no further than Moonshine by Microgaming!

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