Jack on Hold

Jack on Hold Slot Machine

The Wild West is a rough n tough terrain that has numerous outlaws roaming the wastes in search of innocent folks’ gold. While every bad guy is dangerous, Jack is among the most wanted of them all, and he’s on the prowl again. As with all outlaws, the village is on high alert and is locking up its doors to strangers, but not you, you’re about to stop the robbery and become a legend.

Your road to legendary status isn’t an easy one, and not even the sheriff has all the answers you seek, but he will be able to aid you along the way, through the ever-changing reels and slippery wilds. This is one crazy ride, so ready those pistols, search out that gunpowder, and claim the Wild West as your own.

Store up Some Ammo

Nobody in their right mind walks into a shootout underprepared and with limited ammo, it is a downward spiral if you make such a rookie mistake, so don’t be that guy (or gal), instead load up and shape up. Jack isn’t about to hand over what he’s taken, he never has before!

In total there are 5 paylines which are fixed. Although this means you can’t tailor every element of the game, you can place up to whopping 1,000 credits on each of the lines, which is a pretty huge amount to say the least. Users can however put whatever amount they want down on each line as long as it’s over 1.00. Equally you can select the Max Bet widget which will automatically start you off with the maximum figure, though it won’t start the 3 reels rolling like in many other slots.

When you start Jack on Hold you will note the jackpot total in the upper left hand side of the screen, which has a figure that is steadily climbing as you play. It goes up 0.01 at a time, so while it is always increasing it isn’t about to rocket upwards without having to play a great deal many times. But it does mean that any loyalty to this activity will be rewarded handsomely.

The last toggle you need to focus upon is the big spin button, which as you’d expect is the most notable element of the controls, simply click and everything goes into motion.

Jack the Lad

Even though Jack is a rogue if ever we’ve seen one, you can’t help but be drawn to him, and we’re not just referring to the man himself, we mean the game in its entirety. The quality of the theme is second to none, and when a combo is made the icons spring into action, firing bullets, exploding TNT, and generally causing chaos.

It sounds a lot worse than it is, and it looks amazing, even though a great number of the tiles are traditional logos, the most easily recognisable being the triple 7s. The two juicy cherries, although looking very succulent, offer little in the way of cash, 0.10 coins to be exact. Even the big, red menacing bull, its horns aimed and ready to attack doesn’t deliver much else, 5.00 credits.

Jack, the ginger haired figure is the wild of Jack on Hold, and he acts like any symbol of this kind: it removes all the icones bar itself. However, Jack has a parting gift up his sleeves, meaning that if he’s part of a winning formation he will become a sticky wild for a time.

As for the paylines themselves, they can be found on the bottom of the reels, in the middle, on top or diagonally from either side of the matrix, virtually leaving no spot untouched. It may take a little getting used to for those accustomed to a great deal more paylines and therefore higher rewards, but we promise you the reduction is worth it. And if you decide that Jack isn’t worth your time, you can leave him to his rampage, we won’t judge you… much…

A Loveable Rogue

Who doesn’t love an anti hero? In nearly every other medium we find ourselves connecting to a bad guy, and so we become invested in what happens to them, Jack on Hold is not exception. He has a quality about him that just sucks you in and gets your blood pumping and your heart racing.

The jackpot is very hit and miss however, meaning you can get a large prize or a small one, which will put a great many customers off.

You can play this slot game for FREE – HERE

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