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Turbo Play Slots

Creating an appealing game in such a stagnated and busy industry isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Not only does a company have to ensure the format and design are pleasing, but they need to offer a considerable return to make us bet with our wallets and not our minds. Turning a game into one worthy of surpassing the demo mode status is what Wazdan have managed to do here; Turbo Play is a contemporary classic.

Its 3 reels and 1 winline make it a challenging experience for all who play, with the volatility incredibly high due to its restrictive confines of just 3 rows. Should you be able to take on the taxing nature of the game, you can stand to unlock a special feature wild symbol, and some traditional icons.

Bridging the Gap

Being a slot machine positioned somewhere between modern and classic throws up all sorts of obstacles, but Turbo Play manages to handle them very well, creating a postmodern circuit in which to play. To get started, players will have to stake an amount above 0.10 credits, and then they’ll have to ensure they don’t try to exceed the maximum bet of 100.

The Max Bet button can always be used instead of flicking through the figures, and thankfully it won’t launch the reels rolling, meaning you have the chance to change your mind at the last minute. But is the top wager worth it?

We’re sorry to say it but it just isn’t, the fact that players have a low paytable to work with is evidence enough, but then there’s the progressive jackpot. A final prize that grows isn’t normally something we’d take issue with, but the value of the kitty can be very low, meaning that your bet can be wasted on something that’s actually valued lower. Just find the balance with Turbo Play.

For saying the title has to do with speed, there are no speedy options for customers to use – some titles allow you to increase the speed of the spins, making them faster as they create their winning lines with effortless ease. But not here; if there’s no physical turbo mode, why call it Turbo Play?

There’s an Autoplay to try out too, but that won’t make too much of a difference to your overall playthrough, as all automatic spins come to an end, either by your choice or the games. However, having a rest from all that clicking will come in handy if you should be lucky enough to last several rounds.

Shining Star

The wild is a star upon the grid, sometimes showing up individually or coming together to create a group of five tiles. When this happens, users will find that some but not all of the symbols will be removed; usually wilds remove all icons accept the special ones, but here it only gets rid of the lowest paying icons.

Why this is seen more special than the stop feature we don’t know – the stop feature isn’t one you’ll notice until it appears. What it does is allow you to keep one or two symbols in place and then spin the remaining reel, all in the hope of making up a winning combination. Upon trying it, we found it didn’t make much of a difference to our game one bit, but the fact it appeared at all was nice.

Moving onto the normal icons, they will never pay out over €30, and that max amount belongs to the pot of money symbol that’s actually a bag of coins. At the other end of the paytable, bringing in virtually no money at all, are the cherries priced at 0.50 credits. Even though a final payout needs to be collected over time, you’d need a lot of those cherries to make a decent kitty.

Our Thoughts

We found Turbo Play to be disappointing and rather boring, instead of being intense and fired up, it was lukewarm and did nothing out of the ordinary. If a game promises to be a wild ride, we actually want it to be, otherwise we’ll move onto a far better slot machine. We won’t write Wazdan off as a whole, but this isn’t their brightest moment, with Turbo Play best forgotten.

You can play this slot game for FREE – HERE

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