Game – Toki Time

Toki Time Slot

The Toki Time slot is a fun looking one, featuring a host of Japanese style characters which are a mixture of sizes, shapes and bright colours. At the bottom of the slot are five pods and all of the symbols will rapidly disappear into these pods, before the pods pop out three of the Toki characters that make up the reels. This slot is unique in some ways, due to the fact that there are no scatter symbols or free spins; however it remains very playable due to the unique approach to wilds and the additional ways to win.

Graphically this slot is a strong one. Its set against a slowly rotating sky, the colours changing from light to dark and back again as days and nights pass by. All of the symbols have a friendly, cuddly feel and might all feature in a cartoon that children would love. The screen also features dancing flowers and mushrooms – the flowers more animated, the mushrooms being a little more reserved (imagine a nightclub where the flowers might be the ladies on the dancefloor while the mushrooms are the men around the side trying to look cool). The slot is all the while accompanied by an uplifting soundtrack exactly what you might expect when watching a cartoon, with a nice array of added sound effects, including the Toki symbols exclaiming delight when winning.

Set up and Play for Toki Time Slot

This slot by Thunderkick has five reels and an unusual eleven win lines. In this game you’ll not actually pay per win line, a total stake for each spin being the order of the day. To gain a win, you’ll need to land three or more of the Toki characters in a row on a win line much like any other slot, but there is a key difference here. You’ll be able to win from both left to right (starting with the leftmost reel) and from right to left (starting with the rightmost reel). This doesn’t make any difference when you land 5 in a row, but it will make a big difference overall, as you’ll land 3 or 4 in a row much more often. This means that although this slot has just eleven win lines, in many ways it’s effectively double that amount.

The top two symbols in the game both have rainbows trailing in their wake. The yellow star will win you 24x your total stake when landing 5 in a row, while the cloud wins you 12x. The rest of the symbols are made up by a purple one with whiskers, a smiley red one, the rather solemn green one, the horned blue one and the yellow one which looks like a cross between a chick and a dog. These symbols pay between 6x and double the total amount of the spin when landing five in a row.

The slot has a number of useful options. The best is the auto play option which you can set to up to 5,000 spins, which is much, much higher than you’ll find at the majority of slots. You’ll also be able to play around with the sound settings, changing the overall volume and the volume of both the effects and the ambient sound and have the option of increasing the speed of the slot.

Toki Time Wild Feature

The main feature of the game is the way wild symbols are handled. The wilds only appear on reels 2 and 4 and these are expanding wilds, meaning that they will take up an entire reel. However it doesn’t end there. If the wilds gain you a win, you’ll gain a re-spin with the wilds held in place and continue to gain re-spins every time you do indeed gain a win. This can be hugely profitable; especially when the wilds fill both of the second and fourth reels, as wins won’t be hard to come by, considering that you win both ways at this slot.

Toki Time Conclusion

This slot is another job well done by Thunderkick, who once again have produced a slot with great originality and a somewhat quirky feel. You can’t help but find the characters at this slot fun and it’s not a slot you can miss with so much colour flying about. The subject is slightly strange, perhaps appealing to children more than the adults who are actually allowed to play, although there will be adult fans too. Despite the relative lack of features, the innovative wild feature really makes the slot playable and it’s certainly a slot that you’ll come back to.

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