Game – Sunset Delight

Sunset Delight Slots

A trip to your local seaside resort is always good for the soul: copious amounts of ice cream and blistering red sunburn and we all feel like it’s been a day well spent. Sadly though we can’t always visit the breach, which is too darn bad because life by the sea and under the sun seems to be the best there is.

Fortunately we’re all in luck though as Thunderkick has created a way for us to enjoy the benefits of the beach without having to physically leave the house, we’re talking melting ice creams and funfairs all inside your home.

Colourful as it is beautiful, Sunset Delight is a 3-reels 5 paylines slot machine that is as unpredictable and nail biting as they come. The ride is worth it though as the base jackpot of 1,000 credits, mixed in with a x100 multiplier, makes this game a big money winner.

Stack ‘Em High

Towering piles of different flavoured ice creams sounds like most people’s idea of heaven – who doesn’t like ice cream?! – and so it seems fitting that the reels remove any sense of tradition and present to you three teetering stacks of dairy goodness. For those of you that have played or heard of Sunny Scoops, this will all be very familiar. In fact, Sunset Delight is seen as a sequel to the title.

The cones are placed on the countertop, a glistening sea and amusement park theme in the background, and then three scoops of various flavours are placed upon each one, some having wafer treats poked inside. When you click the spin button again they whizz off the counter and the whole process starts over; it’s quite hypnotic when you’re playing, and you can become easily distracted simply marvelling at the slot design.

When users make a winning combination, the scoops jump up and the amount flashes upon your screen, the casual soundtrack becoming a lot more intense. However, while the way the ice creams come to life is entertaining in the base game, when it comes to the bonus round, it becomes something else entirely. It’s fair to say this mini level is part of the reason the activity is so popular.

By landing three scoops of matching scatter symbols, a bubble of words explodes onto your reels exclaiming you’ve won five free spins, followed by two balloons carrying a wafer wheel filled with multipliers.

Three more dollops are then placed on top of the others, with the totals being added up; should you find a mini wafer marked x1 a layer of multipliers will be added to your total. Although you start at 0, players can soon be getting very close to that illustrious x100. When you’ve had all your spins one of the balloons will pop and you will be taken back to the bottom where you need to spin again to get some fresh treats.

Aside from that exciting icon and its special feature, there is the wild which chomps away at any symbols that aren’t scatters, which will help you to move ever closer to a winning payline.

Your Cheap Treat

That’s right: you can start from as little as 0.10 per bet on any of the 5 paylines. All you need to do is to select the casino chip near the spin button and a window will appear with all available betting amounts. As you’ll see from the sums in front of you, you can be as cautious or as foolhardy as you like, being able to stake up to 100.00 credits.

Next to that widget you then have a play button which is your Autoplay option here, which again follows a similar format to what is described above. The number of rounds customers can choose are between 5 and 5,000, and you can click to opt in for the reels stopping if you win the game.

That is really all there is to it: you can’t alter the amount of paylines you play with, nor can you look at what each symbol adds up to in the information section, though the walkthrough is very thorough indeed.

Tasty in Every Sense of the Word

Sunset Delight is, without a doubt, another sterling game from Thunderkick. While the theme isn’t wholly original, it is still innovative and able to set itself apart from Sunny Scoops. Furthermore, the variance offered here is gripping enough to have you coming back for more, but will still reward you a decent payout every time. You’ll be hard pushed not to love this title.

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