Game – Spectra

Spectra Slot

Some game developers like to go over the top and design a complex universe filled with details for players to enjoy. But minimalism can sometimes be just as efficient.

Spectra is a video slot game designed by Thunderkick and inspired by classic, 1980s aesthetics. There is a little bit of Tron in this game, a movie whose protagonists ended up trapped inside a computer-generated universe. What is sure is that Spectra offers a unique look and plenty of ways to win, in all simplicity.

Get to know the universe of Spectra a little better and start the game the best way possible thanks to our complete review.

Inside a Computer

Spectra will stand out from the other slot games you might have played mainly thanks to its very unique graphic universe.

The game is still very simple looking, with a pitch black background and neon-like symbols shining brightly before the players’ eyes. The symbols and command buttons are extremely minimalistic, and yet Spectra is very eye-catching.

With its Tron-inspired universe, Spectra will appeal to both veteran and newer players, sci-fi addicts and computer geeks alike. But let’s see what the gameplay feels like in the next section.

What It Takes to Win Big

Spectra is after all a rather classic slot game, organised around a few sets of rules that should be familiar to most players with even just a little experience.

The game has 5 reels and 30 paylines in total, which are fixed. By landing combinations of identical reel symbols onto any of these paylines, you will be awarded a certain cash prize. The command bar is there to simply let you choose a wager for your next spin, which is expressed in your local currency directly. Pick your bet and spin the reels to get the real game started.

Remember that the cash rewards in Spectra are determined by the symbols, naturally, and the size of your wager as well. If you are feeling especially lucky, you might want to bet a little extra on the reels to aim at the ultimate jackpot. Finally, the game also includes an autospin game mode; use it to place a wager of your choosing over several spins in a row automatically. As always, feel free to play around with the settings and adjust them to match your own age strategy as often as you like.

Classic Symbols, Reimagined

The paytable of Spectra consists of a standard selections of well-known reel symbols, all of them skilfully redesigned to fit in the futuristic universe of the game. All basic winning combinations correspond of 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols on a payline, and the rewards mentioned here correspond to a 1-credit bet.

The most common of these symbols are the circle, triangle, square, rhombus and pentagon. These simple geometric shapes will give you plenty of occasions to score some rewards early in the game, with a maximum prize of 2.20 credits for a combination of 5 pentagons.

The four-leaf clover, bell, seven and bar signs make up the rest of the basic paytable. Rewards can go up to 10 credits with 5 bar signs on a payline, but these symbols are also a little more difficult to catch on the reels. Fortunately, Spectra also includes some surprise features.

Make Your Way to the Jackpot

Spectra, just like most modern slot games, provides players with more than just a basic paytable. The game might include only one special symbol, but it also has several useful functions that you can take advantage of.

This colourful W symbols is first and foremost the wild card of Spectra. As the same suggests, it has the power to replace any of the symbols listed above in order to help you complete an extra winning combination or 2. Wilds always appear in stacks of 4 and sometimes cover entire reels at once. Combine them together to win 20 extra credits.

On top of all this, each new wild stack appearing in Spectra triggers a free respin for an extra chance to win a prize. During a respin, the stack of wilds will be shuffled towards the centre of the reels in order to give you as many chances to win something as possible.

Simply Addictive

Spectra is a unique-looking slot game with a straightforward gameplay and yet plenty of ways to win big at every spin.

The stakes might not be as high as in other modern slot games, but Spectra managers to provide a uniquely addictive and dynamic universe. Give it a try and you might not be able to stop spinning the reels.

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