Game – Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands Slot

Is there a fortune waiting in your future? Find out in Queen of Wands, a brand new clairvoyant-themed video slot from the team at Playtech that offers a maximum jackpot of 1,000x your line bet.

Featuring 5 reels and 40 paylines, Queen of Wands is a surprisingly simple slot that will only take beginners a few minutes to get to grips with – but once they do, huge rewards are in store thanks to the presence of stacked wilds on the base game reels and a great re-triggerable free spins feature.

Fortune Favours the Brave

As is standard for most Playtech slots, Queen of Wands is a fully customisable game that allows players to choose both the number of paylines they wish to be active and their bet size for each spin. With anywhere between 1 and 40 paylines available and line bet amounts of between $0.01 and $50, the slot can be played from as little as $0.40 or as much as $2,000 a spin with all pays active.

We mention these figures in particular as in order for players to get the most out of Queen of Wands, they’ll want to play with the maximum number of paylines enabled at all times. The reason for this is that the presence of stacked wilds can have a massive bearing on your winnings and the best way to take full advantage is to ensure you always have the top number of combos available.

Payouts in Queen of Wands start at 5x your line bet for the lowest value three-of-a-kind combination, with chalice symbols offering the best regular prize of 400x your line bet for five-of-a-kind. Beyond that, the top prize of 1,000x is triggered by matching a wild symbol on all five reels on a valid payline, while scatter symbols also appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 to trigger the free spins feature.

Crystal Clear Visuals

In keeping with the game’s clairvoyant theme, the setting for Queen of Wands is the inside of a fortune teller’s tent – and the unique symbols on the reels certainly help add to the mystical feel. Alongside the game’s logo scatter symbol and the titular Queen of Wands, players will find golden chalices and tarot-based imagery such as blazing suns, lush green trees and crashing blue waves.

Unfortunately, beyond these symbols the game does revert to the standard Ace-through-Nine playing card icons, but we must concede that this imagery is probably appropriate for a game featuring this particular design. All symbols include a short animation when they feature in a winning payline, though these can all be skipped when the game is played in a far speedier “turbo mode”.

In terms of audio, Queen of Wands features a unique piece of background music that helps enhance the game’s magcal quality, while a varied range of sound effects makes it an immersive experience.

Magic Eight Ball

As we mentioned earlier, Queen of Wands is a fairly simple slot in that it only includes one main bonus feature; and even that is a basic free spins game that the vast majority of players will already have encountered elsewhere. Triggered whenever the game’s logo appears on the second, third and fourth reels, players are rewarded with eight free spins as the bonus round begins automatically.

Although this may not sound like a particularly generous award – especially when you consider that the scatter symbols are limited to the central three reels – during these free spins players will benefit from extra stacks of wild symbols being added to the reels. This generally results in far more winning combos and five-of-a-kind payouts, making it a more lucrative feature than you’d expect.

Free spins can also be re-triggered whenever three subsequent logo symbols appear during your bonus games, but given you only have eight shots at this happening to begin with, it is quite a difficult feature to re-trigger and players will mostly be reliant on those extra wins to turn a profit.

Back to the Future

Although its theme is all about looking into the future, Queen of Wands is essentially a glimpse into the past in the way it utilises a very simple concept and only includes one bonus feature. Though not a bad slot per se, we’d expect something a little more innovative from a new Playtech game and the variance of the slot is such that it probably won’t win over any players that are currently undecided.

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