Game – Magic of the Ring

Magic of the Ring Slot

As you’ve probably gathered from the name of this 5-reel, 10-payline slot from Wazdan, Magic of the Ring is blatantly aimed at those who fell in love with J. R. R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

You may be worried that this is a cheap knock off that copies the story yet epically fails in doing so, well fortunately for both the software developer and yourselves, that notion is wrong. This title is mystical, magical, mysterious and just about any other m word you can shake a stick at.

So, in the spirit of the great writer himself: are you ready to go on an adventure?

Don’t Forget Second Breakfast!

Breakfast and any other meal of the day isn’t included on this fantastical journey, so make sure to pack it. Should you forget though there are plenty of other things more important to your success rate here, one of which is your primary bet.

Contrary to what the max bet amount will tell you, that may not be the max bet for the paylines you want; when the title loads it does so with only one line activate, which means the maximum stake becomes 1,000 credits. However if you increase the number of paylines up to the 10 mark, then the max bet soon becomes a reduced 100, this is because it’s not actually your overall bet but sections placed on every line.

If you want the most out of your quest, and we’re pretty sure the aged wizard guiding you wants the same, then you’re better playing with as many lines as you can afford – the more you have live the more likely you will make up a winning combo and emerge victorious.

The jackpot amount is progressive, but lets just say that it can get very hefty the more you play and get those scatters. This is because you have both the jackpot itself and then the money made off of all the icons, meaning you can soon enter quadruple figures with ease. To keep your eye on the kitty, look to the left hand corner and bottom of your screen: the left icon tells you of the jackpot amount, while the bottom is your overall win.

With a Crack of Thunder

Sometimes slot machines fail to set a scene, they just deliver icons that look decent enough, throw in some money and there is the lukewarm atmosphere for you to soak up; Magic of the Ring doesn’t do this though, they treat you better.

A magnificent albeit old castle dominates the landscape of the title, with shadowy twisted tree branches and shooting stars crowding around the edges of the 3×5 grid to drive home the undercurrent of magic that awaits all who play.

Most of the icons used aren’t to do with the theme of the game and are instead generic markers seen in many a slot machine, but don’t let that put you off because the ones that are personalised make up for the lack of imagination elsewhere. Out of the all-attractive tiles, and there aren’t that many, the engraved ring is the one you seek – it’s the scatter symbol and it is pretty explosive.

When you find three or more of the rings on your reels it will dominate the screen for a moment and start spinning, once it stops 10 free spins will be rewarded to you. As if that wasn’t already promising enough, these spins can have an expanding bonus symbol thrown in at random.

A Worthy Adventure or Should You Stay at Home?

In conclusion to everything mentioned, Magic of the Ring is a low variance title that doesn’t hold too many surprises for its users bar an excessive amount of free spins that can be retriggered again and again. While this sounds great in theory, in practice it soon becomes quite tedious as that is literally all you’ve got to look forward to.

Moving onto the overall feel and atmosphere, it misses the mark somewhat and fails to immerse you into the gameplay, but instead gingerly suggests a setting and then doesn’t carry it through.

You can play this slot game for FREE – HERE

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