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Hot4Shot Deluxe Slot Review

Classic slots are still one of the best ways to enjoy online casino gambling. There’s a reason why they’re classic. However, there are ways of making them a bit more exciting, and that’s what Stakelogic has done with Hot4Shot Deluxe.

Hot4Shot Deluxe feels familiar and different at the exact same time. There’s a 6×3 layout, adorned with fruit symbols. There are analog numbers above the reels, making it feel like you’re playing a machine rather than software. To make that feeling more potent, there’s a luxury-style background complete with a poker table, bar, and even an aquarium.

Judging by looks alone, this is an intriguing take on classic slots. It’s a slot that promises action, and a touch of elegance too. Does it match those expectations? Find out in our Hot4Shot Deluxe review.

The Volatility Makes for Great Entertainment

We’ll start off this Hot4Shot Deluxe online slot review with an important factoid: this slot has a low to medium volatility. This is good news if you’re looking to play free slots, as it means you’ll get plenty of wins that will keep the excitement going for ages and ages.

If you like this slot enough to play for real money, then, by all means, do so. Just keep in mind that it’s a little less likely you’ll hit any massive wins unless you dish out the big bets (which you’re likely to do anyway if you’re a high roller). That’s also the only way to trigger the slot’s Superbet mode, which we’ll talk about soon.

Go Mobile, Go Classic

Hot4Shot Deluxe looks just fine on smartphones. If you’re used to playing on mobile, you’ll know that it’s best to set your phone to landscape mode, as this will let the slot fill the screen and let all the graphics pop out. It’s really important that you do this for Hot4Shot Deluxe, as it will look pretty awful if you don’t. In fact, you won’t even be able to fit the whole game on your screen.

However, if you have a phone or tablet that accommodates landscape mode, then you’re golden. We certainly had good results when trying this game on different devices for our Hot4Shot Deluxe online slot review. Take this free video slot wherever you are so that there’s never a dull moment.

Unlock the Action with Bonus Features

There are two main features that make Hot4Shot Deluxe stand out. The first is the SuperBet feature, which is activated when you put enough coins into your round. During SuperBet, all six reels are active to enhance your gameplay. The best bit, though, is that the wild symbols turn into multipliers. Thanks to SuperBet, you can win up to x5 your original win amount.

The bonus game here is called the Hot Shot Feature, and it’s where your adrenaline will kick in. The feature is activated when three or more bonus symbols anywhere are hit. The bonus will take you to an entirely different screen, that looks like a shooting gallery. The symbols are still here, but they’re presented like targets. Lights rapidly shift through them like an arcade. As you hit the Hot Shot button, the light will stop on your prize. It’s great fun – we kept trying to hit till we remembered we had this Hot4Shot Deluxe slot review to write!

You may notice that this game lacks free spins. This is pretty common for classic style slots, so don’t let it put you off unless you really can’t enjoy a video slot without them. The fact that there is a unique bonus feature more than makes up for it, as does the fact that the Wild symbols carry the same multiplier function you might get with most free spin slots.

Another Shot with More Hot Slots

Whether you’re new to online slots or have been playing for years, you’ll most likely have noticed that adding some new features to classic slots is quite trendy nowadays. So, if you liked our Hot4Shot Deluxe slot review and want similar games, you’re in luck.

In fact, the first game you’ll want to check out is Twin Joker, which is also made by Stakelogic. There are two 3-reel slots that can be played together depending on the size of your bet. This game also has its own unique feature: the supermeter. Whenever you win, you’ll have the choice to keep your winnings or put them in the supermeter and replay them. As you do this, you’ll unlock special features, such as multipliers. The joker himself will also come into play as a symbol that can trigger extra wins.

If, on the other hand, you liked the inclusion of targets in Hot4Shot Deluxe, then give Novomatic’s Hot Target a go. Though it’s a much simpler game, there are some good features. Unlike the slot of this review, Hot Target actually has free spins. When the target symbol lands on the center reel, it doubles your prize for that spin.

Is This Free Slot a Hot Target?

As you’ve probably guessed from reading our Hot4Shot Deluxe review, we found this slot to be enjoyable. We love classic-style slots. They were there first and they’ll never go out of fashion. Still, it must be said that most of the things you can do with classic slots have been done already, so it’s refreshing when a slot like this comes around. We’re not saying that it’s totally unique, but it is a little different thanks to its layout and bonus features, and these might keep the excitement going for quite a while.

That being said, would we play for real cash? Probably not. The prospects of winning big don’t seem particularly high unless you’re really putting in the coin to activate the superbet mode.

Give this free Hot4Shot Deluxe slot a few spins on this page. If you like it, great! If it’s not for you, then you can try thousands of free online video slots for free and real money at one of our favorite online casinos below.

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