Game – Flux

Flux Slot Machine

The Flux slot gives you one of the more surreal experiences you’ll ever have when playing at an online casino. Imagine a series of brightly coloured three-dimensional objects floating in space, slowly revolving all the time and emitting triangular fragments of light into space, while on occasions dazzling light appears. These objects are the symbols of the slot and make for an almost psychedelic experience.

Graphically this slot is like no other. There are no reels as such and the symbols themselves aren’t particularly spectacular, but with the slow rotation and the light shows added to the symbols, this slot makes for a visual treat. Alongside the slot there is an ambient soundtrack which is entirely fitting, enhancing the experience even more. However, words can’t really do the slot justice – go play it and you’ll find out for real.

This slot has a particularly original free spins bonus feature, where an extra row can be added to the slot and you’ll gain the ability to win both ways.

Set up and Play for Flux

Aside from the bonus round, this slot plays like many other slots, with the somewhat standard five reels – this slot having 15 win lines. You’ll not have the option to lower the number of win lines as these are set, and you’ll pay a total stake for each spin, as opposed to a stake per win line.

To gain a win here you’ll need three consecutive symbols from left to right on a win line starting with the leftmost reel (this is added to in the bonus round), with the highest pay-outs coming if landing five in a row. The highest paying symbol is the yellow star-like one which pays 24x your total stake for landing 5 in a row. The orange ball-like symbol comes next winning you 12x. The rest of the symbols in the game are a combination of different colours and shapes.

You’ll find many additional options when playing. For example you can play around with the sound settings, changing the master volume, the sound effects volume and the ambient sound volume. You’ll also have the option of altering the game speed and toggle on or off the option of playing the slot with the space bar. The final option you’ll find is the auto play one, where you can set the slot to run for anywhere between 5 and 5,000 spins without stopping – giving you the chance to sit back and enjoy this somewhat unique experience.

The wild symbol is a yellow W with a rotating frame which will substitute for any other symbol in the game. An added bonus is the fact that this symbol is a stacked one, so it will on many occasions actually fill an entire reel.

The final symbol in the game is the scatter symbol which is white B in a rotating frame. Should you land this 3 or more times at the slot you’ll be taken to the bonus feature.

Flux Slot Bonus Feature

The word Flux in the title of this slot might refer to the fact that the symbols are continuously on the move, always rotating. However, it may also refer to the bonus round, where the entire slot is in Flux, with the potential of adding another three rows to the three already in action.

When entering the bonus round you’ll be given three choices. The first option is where you’ll win both ways, meaning you can win from right to left as well as the traditional way – this will give you the most spins. The second option is playing the slot with 3 extra rows – this gives you fewer spins. The final option is to have both win both ways and a 3 extra rows in play – this gives you the least number of spins.

The actual number of spins you are offered depends on how many scatter symbols you actually landed to activate the feature. If landing the minimum three scatters, you’ll have the pick of 16, 12 or 8 spins for the three respective options. Landing 4 or 5 scatter symbols will double or treble this number of spins.

Flux Slot Conclusion

This slot by Thunderkick is one of the more original games you’ll find in the online casino industry. Visually the slot stands apart from many others and the bonus feature only adds to the uniqueness of this game. The only thing missing from this game is a large Jackpot amount, although even this can have its advantages in the fact that you’ll gain a greater number of smaller wins.

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